Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Kaylee ate rice cereal last night and she LOVED it! She was just sucking on the spoon and trying to steal the bowl. I kept making more and adding a bit more rice each time and she couldn't get enough!

I made a website for my class group project you can see it here
I also plan to put my research paper online for anyone who is interested in reading it when I am done. I'm actually writing it on Natural Birth vs c section and epidurals. I thought it was an appropriate subject to write about since people always think I'm crazy for going natural.


The Skousens said...

Oh that's good that she loved it right off the bat like that, because most babies don't! I love that she tried eating the bowl! It's so fun as they start eating food!

The Hightower's said...

Yeah! I will be interested in reading that paper, because I do think you are crazy! ha, I also think its pretty INCREDIBLE.