Tuesday, June 30, 2009

before and after...



Black distressed cabinets! We decided against using the new hardware.



New light fixtures and a curtain to match the living room. (The table moved too)



New red couches and black bookshelves and a total furniture rearrangement.



We did this before we moved but I realized I never showed anyone... there are ballet bears on the bedding ♥

For the record, I have no idea why all the new pictures are so much fuzzier from our newer more expensive camera... and to think Ryan hated my old camera :(

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Someday I'll have it all figured out...

Or at the very least I'll have SOMETHING figured out!

Remember what I was saying about changing my mind every 7.5 seconds? Well what I meant to say is that Ryan and I change out LIVES every 2.2 seconds!

Anyway here's a life update....

As mentioned before, Ryan was accepted to the ARL program to be a teacher but was too late to secure a teaching position for this season so we aren't sure why his life took him on that detour. He is still self employed and just picking up freelance work hre and there. His latest plans include multiple business ventures and a masters in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University. They are very pricey but it is an online program that he can finish in 13 months!

As much as I'm loving being mommy and housewife I find myself having to make some decisions right now. I finally decided against returning to BYU simply because the SRT program there requires me to take many more years of school and about 70% of that schooling will be spent taking music classes that have nothing to do with sound recording. I didn't want Kaylee to be 5 by the time I was ready to get pregnant again. I started researching other schools and I narrowed my choices down to Full Sail University (Yes they also have a killer audio program) or The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences (CRAS). Full Sail would get me a bachelors in 21 months but it would cost me just under $70,000... yeah I could almost own another condo for that! Add that to the cost of living in florida and Ryan's tuition and your looking at me being a working mom for a long time after graduation so I finally decided against that! If I go to school it will be at CRAS because it's cheaper and I will be done in 47 weeks (but I only get a dimploma and no bachelors from them.)
The big decision that remains now is whether or not we can afford to even send me to CRAS and move to AZ. Ryan still really wants me to get an education in something that could secure me a job if ever needed. This is something that I really love and want to learn about. At the same time, with him going back to school I feel like I should get a job and help pay for our living rather than take out another loan and have us both be in school. Not to mention the idea of moving AGAIN disgusts me. Plus it's SO HOT down in Tempe! I applied for a job today that is actually similar to what I did at Thrive so I am qualified for the position. The pay is $25+/hour so if I get it I think I will stay here and be the breadwinner for a while. Obviously it would be more fun to go to recording school than to work but that's just life...

Mom, Student, Breadwinner...?
We are counseled not to go into debt and we are counseled to get an education. We are also told that family is most important and no success can make up for failure in the home... So if anyone can counsel me on which of these scenarios I should follow or a way I could follow them all I would really appreciate it!

Best plan I've come up with... I work until Ryan finishes up, (Aug 2010) then we move and I go to school in AZ, then I get pregnant (June 2011) and have baby two. This means I don't have to pick up and move for over a year :) Also Kaylee will still be reasonably young when she gets a sibling. Also there will always be one parent available to make money to cover living expenses.

Sorry for the novel, It's journeling for me more than anything :)

8 months ago...

...I gave birth to Kaylee- How time flies!

She is a very fast army crawler now and is working on real crawling (She will real crawl if the thing she is after is up high but usually she finds it much easier to army crawl.) She can easily get from laying to sitting and she loves to pull herself up on EVERYTHING.

This was the first day she discovered her new skill and she thought she was hot stuff!

This month Kaylee experienced the pool. She loved splashing around:)

On Fathers day we went to walk around the Mt. Timpanogas Temple. Here she is with her favorite daddy in the world.

Kaylee loves to copy what people do if she is capable of it. She is trying desperately to figure out singing and copying rhythms.

In this video she reminds us all that she is my daughter...

The other day I put her in one of these car/carts. She liked it alright.

We love our little monster even though she chews through things like a puppy and likes to make messes! We can't even imagine life without her ♥

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sound Recording Technology... my passion

So I feel like I change my mind every 7.5 seconds and I don't think this is very bright but my latest plan is to go back to the school of music! I'm meeting with a counselor tomorrow to get re admitted to the program. I'm hoping to be more successful this time because my life is in a different place now. If I fail sight singing again they won't let me continue but I need to at least feel like I gave it my best so I'm giving it one more shot. One of my friends just graduated from the school of music in music education and she said she would help me. I feel like I have a better shot this time because I'm not working and I know what to expect. Ryan said that if I wanted to do this that everything would work out (including Kaylee care and money because he knew I had those on my mind) I hope he's right! Wish me luck and pray for my success please because I need all the support I can get!


My sisters and I rounded up the kiddies for these fun pictures...

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