Monday, August 22, 2011

Not my will but thine...

On June 10th Ryan put on this snazzy little ensemble and went to an interview. They loved him. He walked away feeling quite certain they would offer him a position.

Then when he followed up with them they said they loved him but that they weren't ready to hire so we continued to look.
Fast forward a month and he called them again... same story. I was over it and them. And another job was looking very hopeful. To my surprise he was not offered any positions and I had pretty much given up.
Out of nowhere the original job called and wanted him to meet the other partner. So on August 19th more than 2 months later he went back and was offered the position he originally applied for and wanted.
Ryan is the newest Project Manager for Oozle Media in Sandy UT (no relocation required!)

Wish him luck!