Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The hospital and stuff

It's been a while since I've blogged... life is busy as usual.
My camera broke... Again? YES AGAIN! I think it's Kaylee's fault but I'm just enraged with the rate at which we go through cameras! Thank goodness my crappy cell phone camera is there to be a back up to somewhat capture things.

Our latest adventure was a 1 night hospital stay at Riverton hospital. I had a virus that I passed onto Kaylee, my mom, and Kevin. It was a cold like thing but everyone else got a fever with it.
A few days into being sick Kevin's fever shot up to almost 104* so we decided we better take him into the kids care. The fever was being caused by an ear infection that stemmed from the build up of mucous in his sinus'. The doctor also said that he had bronchiolitis which is swelling and mucus buildup in the smallest air passages in the lungs (bronchioles). This is common in babies because they aren't able to cough up their mucous like older children and adults can. The problem with bronchiolitis is that the bronchioles have a harder time transmitting oxygen from the air breathed in to the blood. Kevin's blood oxygen level was pretty low when we got there but the doctor hoped that suctioning his mucous would help... It didn't :( They put him on oxygen immediately and kept us over night.

By early morning they switched him over to only needing oxygen when he was asleep. We left in the morning with an oxygen tank and later had an oxygen machine and a few more tanks delivered to the house.

He has to be on oxygen while asleep until the virus passes and the mucous is gone.
Gotta love the bill we are racking up with Intermountain Healthcare!

In other Kevin news...
I lost his $250 contact lens at the doctors and miraculously they found it after I called and asked them to look for it!
I saw him roll over the other day from stomach to back. He actually sleeps on his side so he's been pretty good at getting from his back to his side for a while now.
He's a giant... the kid has been wearing 6-9 month clothes since he turned 4 months old.

The natural community is all about cloth diapers... I've always been curious about them but never wanted to cough up the money to try them. For me it was never about chemicals in disposables or filling landfills or anything I just liked the idea of being able to not have to buy so many diapers all the time. An old coworker was selling the whole lot of his so I thought, why not... They arrived yesterday. Kaylee is SUPER STUBBORN and I hold no hope for her taking to a change but after Kevin is done with his antibiotic (which makes him poop a lot) I might give them a try. I may end up hating them but if I get a little use out of them here and there with Kevin and future children they should pay for themselves.

I mentioned briefly in a past post that I've decided I want to be a doula. I'm pretty excited about the idea of putting my natural birth knowledge to good use! I think I'm going to dive into certification and readings for doula training as soon as I finish school. I also love that a degree in Home and Family Living sort of fits right in with the profession of a doula. I've really learned to love my major but people still laugh at the idea of it so it's nice that this suddenly validates my degree.

On that note- I have 9 Thursdays and 9 Wednesdays left until I have my bachelors degree from BYU. I count them regularly... They fit on my fingers now!

I'm taking Marriage Enhancement. We are reading The 7 Principles to a Successful Marriage. I like that it makes me feel like Ryan and I have an awesome marriage. It also has been helping us examine some areas where we could improve. I would recommend it to any couple whether you are doing well or struggling a little.
I'm also learning all about other religions and how they are related to our own. It's pretty interesting.

I swear I'm not a hippie... I've started looking into the vaccine debate and while I know many (ok...most) of you will start to throw stones, I have started to lean the other way. The debate is so not what I thought it was. There is so much more depth to the thing than I ever imagined! I'm not going to try and get you to join me but I will say that it is something worth researching. This doctor encourages you to look into it as well...

Kaylee is anti clothing... EVERY DAY! I want to strangle her sometimes. I guess it's just a power thing, but it takes multiple people to get pants on her and she usually just take them off even if you manage to force them on! Did I do something wrong as a mother?

Ryan is working full time as his own boss... For reasons I don't understand, he loves that. His Tower Media Design business is doing really well right now so I can't complain. It is wonderful that he is home a lot and if I really need a hand he can come upstairs and help. Plus he usually feeds Kaylee lunch when he eats which is fabulous! He also gets to make his own hours which makes me going to school while he's working a little easier.
When I'm done with school we're going to come up with a system in which I can help with the administrative aspect of his work. If I can handle invoicing and things then that leaves him more time for billable hours

So that's the latest on our family! Questions? Comments? :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


With 11 Wednesdays and 10 Thursdays to go I am starting to feel much more affection towards the school that has held me captive for all these years... suddenly I'm proud to be a cougar!

Spirit of the Y from BYU HD Video on Vimeo.