Saturday, August 28, 2010


My friend just told me about this movie and now I am dying to see it! I totally wish I had known about this movie when I wrote my research paper on natural birth. This one trailer pretty much sums up everything I was trying to say in my paper and does it more elegantly than I did!


Just an update...
All is well with baby boy. Still no name picked out for sure. He is kicking LIKE CRAZY all the time. He seems to be growing right on track and appears to be completely healthy. I have my appointments every 2 weeks now and soon to be every week. At 36 weeks I will pay the last chunk of money to my midwives and then not have to worry about anything but having my baby!

I'm almost done reading hypnobirthing (I didn't finish it when I had Kaylee) and this time I'm actually taking the time to teach Ryan about the relaxation techniques and how he will be of assistance to me.

My mom said I look as big now as I did when I had Kaylee.
What do you think?

Taken today... 33 weeks 2 days

Taken the day I started having contractions... about 38 weeks

Regardless I am not excited for the endless amounts of exercise and healthy eating I have to look forward to after this baby comes :/

She is my daughter

I have to tell this story even though I don't have pictures or videos to prove it....

Last Monday I went to 7 Brides for 7 Brothers with Ryan, Kaylee, my Mom, and Shauna at a cute little amphitheater in Murray.

Apparently love of music and dancing is genetic. You've never seen a little kid under 2 be so well behaved at a show. She danced when they danced. She clapped VERY enthusiastically with the crowd. I found myself watching her instead of the show a lot because she was SO FUNNY! The only problem was she kept leaning into the people in front of us because she wanted to see everything. The girls next to her told us they thought she was the cutest little thing when they left so I'm not just being a biased mother. Oh I wish I had video to prove it. She is too funny :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Great Outdoors

Ryan, Kaylee, and I went camping in the mountains near Scofield Friday night. Kyle (my brother in law) is a hunter and this was the first weekend for his hunting license. It was fun to spend time with family and eat s'mores :)

Our camp site had beautiful views we were on a peak and saw this in every direction!

Being on a peak like this did lead to a lot of wind and a very loud tent.

Everyone rode the quad and dirt bike. Even the babies :) (They kept saying vroom vroom)

This is a before and after set...

rumbled her right to sleep!

Being up in the high altitude with no shade meant high sun exposure. Since it wasn't very hot we didn't think much about sun burns and I paid big time for that mistake...


I know this is so NASTY... Chase put aloe on my blisters and they turned green. I looked like I had a disease.

My neck hurt so bad I couldn't really sleep for a few days but thankfully the human body does eventually fix itself! Now I'm just peeling like CRAZY!


My sister's friend wanted blue on her garter (something old new borrowed and blue)
My sister sent me this link to a $30 garter set and asked me if we could make one ourselves.
I took one look at it and said EASY. She did most of the labor and I just told her what to do next. I did make the bow myself. I think we did pretty dang good!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

lion king

So on Saturday night Ryan and I went to see the Broadway version of Lion King. No pictures because my camera decided not to have a display on Saturday (ANNOYING!)

We actually got the $80 tickets for free from my aunt who was given 11 from her work. SWEET!
I must admit this was actually my third time seeing this show but it's still amazing every time.

The amazing thing about this show is that as usual you are seeing the highest caliber of singers and dancers but on top of that they all have to learn to operate the puppets. It's so cool.

The most surprising part for me was realizing how much I miss music and dance. I was almost emotional as it started. I really miss performing :(

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

golf or art?

On Friday night Ryan got on a local calendar online to see what was going on around here. He found an art exhibit in downtown SLC that had 18 holes of mini golf designed by 18 different artists. The best part was that it was free.

Kaylee is my favorite toddler

Kaylee loves to dance to music like most kids her age. I think it's cute so...

She is obsessed with Elmo. I can't explain to you how much she loves him. She found this ride herself and could not be removed from it. She cried Elmo the whole way out of the store.