Monday, July 22, 2013

financial burdens

For whatever reason it helps me to write about the money things that are concerning me. Since my last money post I did get a Mazda 5 (yes I am spoiled.) I also found a good price on some bedding that works (and I never make the bed... Fail.) I got insurance covered care from a chiro because I got lightly rear ended. Still looking pre schools.
I'm a bit stressed about money today. Thankfully we have been blessed with extra work for Ryan which will keep us afloat but it's still annoying.
We recently had a pricey trip to the ER because of my anemia. We are trying to pay the rest of the  birthing center/ midwife fees for this baby. My anemia has also made me visit an OB a couple times and have several more expensive lab tests done. I'm on a bunch of supplements and considering trying other more expensive irons to see if they sit better with me.
Our scooter got impounded this weekend for no reason.
Kevin just got a new prescription and needs new lenses for his glasses (his prescription is super strong and requires special lens to not look like coke bottles.)
I'm out of contacts and need a haircut really bad.

Any way I just needed to write it down somewhere because it really doesn't feel as out of control like this.