Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I feel bad that I don't record Kaylee's milestones very well so to preserve this for her I will write a little about her.
at 17 months...
She had pink eye yesterday but it appears to be clearing up on it's own. Se also has an ear infection. :(
She eats a ton but is still only 20 lbs and pretty much off the charts tiny. She is not picky about food at all.
She is afraid of a lot of things
Her favorite thing to say is ready set go or one two three
Her other words include hi, light, uh-oh, yay, bear (if you're lucky), eye, owe, all done, wow, dada, Stacey and mama, Doggie- woof woof, and maybe something else I'm not thinking of.
She is surprisingly good at drinking from a cup and eating with utensils.
She is outrageously independent and wants to walk on her own to where she wants to go (which is usually in the opposite direction you need her to go.
She loves to sing and usually hums something that semi resembles the ABC's

Monday, March 29, 2010

food and other stuff

The foods I crave recently are...
-movie theater style popcorn (which can be bought at a target cafe!)
-El Pollo Loco
-Pizza from a mall (you know the thin stuff)
-I always want fettuccine alfredo from Olive Garden but haven't had it once :(
and probably some other stuff too...

Ryan is going to work part time for Riser Media (the company I mentioned previously.) They don't even have a position for him but they are going to figure one out. Hopefully once he graduates they will have room and he will have proved himself worthy of a full time position. It will be nice to have an idea of how much money we can expect to have!

Coming soon when I get the chance to upload and go through my pictures... CA Adventure and Disneyland!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Today I was looking at a picture of someone's graham cracker house from Christmas and I was struck with what you might call a craving. I was at the store and thought what the heck I shall give into the desire for the sugary goodness of a pack of Starburst. The pleasant surprise is that someone at the Starburst factory got really smart and decided to only put the delicious flavors in! WOOT SCORE! I shared them with Kaylee on the walk home from the store and we (mostly me) finished off the whole thing. I better go dispose of the evidence now because otherwise Ryan will come home and say, "You ate the whole package." I would probably tell him that I shared with Kaylee but I would still feel guilty so I'll just go throw away the evidence haha.