Friday, May 29, 2009


My baby is 7 months old!
I took Kaylee to the doctors today and she and I have is awesomely fun (SARCASM it is SO painful)
She's thinned out a lot. She's is in the 80th percentile on height and 20th on weight. Not sure how that happened. I guess she's a Hightower.

She loves animal crackers and just about everything else too :)

She scoots around like crazy and if everyone leaves her behind in a room she cries and scoots after them... quite sad. She's been getting up on her knees lately but she hasn't figured out how they are supposed to help her.

We recently took pictures of all 5 of the grandkids together and they looked SO CUTE. We won't have the pictures for a few weeks but here's a sneak peek...

Spencer, Kaylee, and Damien

Craftiness Attempts

Melissa told me I should put some of my favorite wedding cards into the empty space in the back of my sign in book. I'm not too crafty but I gave it a shot and it was kind of fun.

This is one of the pages

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Moving = NOT FUN :(

This is about what the whole house looked like for a while there and it was making me CRAZY! I've been working my tail off to get this place put back together and while it's not perfect yet it is at least livable now! However if anyone feels so inclined to come help me organize a little more I would love the company:)

We recently bought new RED couches (I love them), 2 small black bookshelves (which I'm still trying to figure out how to decorate so if your good at that let me know!), a new office chair, a booster high chair, and 2 new light fixtures for the kitchen.
We have many more home improvements and buys planned and I really enjoy watching this place get a little better all the time!

It's good to be home. Our ward was very excited for us to be.

On a side note, Ryan has been accepted to the Alternative Route to Licensing program and can now be looking for a teaching position. This works out well since he is once again self employed as of today. As long as he can secure a teaching position before school starts though we will be fine. He has plenty of freelance work going on for the time being. Life always seems to have a way of working itself out for us so I'm not worried.

Next time on our blog: Kaylee :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

It's so YUMMY!

Kyah often eats peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. Sometimes she sets them on the floor. The babies have gotten a bit too mobile and curious these day....

Should I tell her she has a little on her mouth?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

California... the extended account

On Saturday night Ryan Kaylee and I met Chelsie, Laurie, and Chelsie's friends at a UCLA scrimmage. It was like UCLA's version of BYU's Blue and White game. The quarterback is in her ward and she's now friends with his family so we had to support!

(Notice the popcorn on her chin compliments of aunt Chels.) It was pretty cold there so Kaylee, Laurie and Chels are all using Kaylee's blankets :-)

After the game we all went to a little pizza place in Pasadena. (The server adored Kaylee.) I was glad we got to spend some time with Chelsie this time.

There was a lady selling roses to people in the streets so Ryan bought me one. It was a pre anniversary present I guess.

On Monday we went to Chelsie's to pick up Laurie and took some pictures in the back yard to pass the time. We wanted to document her cool backyard before she moved... (sorry-blurry)

At the shows we had an AMAZING TIME! The dancers all did so well!

Notice my short hair cut Tuesday by Taylor Clark

Chelsie wanted Ryan to take some pictures of the press line. She handles herself so well with all these people wanting to talk her her all the sudden.

We got a picture with Jewel because Shauna LOVES her.
Shauna wants to know if she is hiding a baby bump under that spandex dress.

On Monday night we helped Chelsie move in dresses and heels
The place had a pool and a ton of space. This picture makes the place look more ghetto than it is.

This is me in the backyard. They have an amazing view of the city from there. This picture is blurry because in order to capture the lights the shutter had to stay open and I must have moved a bit. Plus we didn't have a tripod or nice camera so this picture doesn't do it justice at all.

So there you have it folks! Cali in a nutshell.

On Tuesday night we stayed in Vegas. Grandma hates pictures and refused to look but the picture is cute anyway

Monday, May 4, 2009

quick update

I'm very busy and my pictures don't want to work but I thought I would throw out a quick update.

Ryan Shauna and I went to CA last weekend. The show was AMAZING! Chelsie did so well you never would have known she was not feeling good. Poor Kaylee and Spencer got sick and my amazing aunt and cousins took care of our sick babies for us. (Sorry about that guys) We stopped in Vegas and took a picture of G&G with Kay. (for a blog with pictures see Shuana's blog) Right after I came home I packed up for AZ and went to spend the weekend with my bestie Brina. We ate junk food and watched movies basically all weekend. It was awesome. I was going to visit my old ward but I got SUPER SICK on Sunday :(
Next on my agenda is lots of laundry and organizing of all our stuff in moving preparation.

I'm selling two crib bedding sets if anyone is in the market. You can look at them here and here