Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chelsie on TV

Ryan's baby sister was on SYTYCD! She is amazing(although he didn't love hearing how "sexy" they thought she was ;-)... watch it!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


So much craziness going on!
Ryan took his scooter license test today and passed... (he only had a permit before.) Hooray!
I took those pills my doctor suggested for two days and threw up violently for two days. Not really the kind of reaction I was hoping for. Looks like I'm just going to be one of those lucky ladies who is sick even through her second trimester:-(
I found another job. Not really what I was looking for but sometimes when life hands you unexpected opportunities you just have to take them! I had an interview in Lindon yesterday and I kept asking myself, "when did I, and why would I apply for a job in Lindon?" The answer is, I didn't. I had sent my résumé to a guy in our ward that someone mentioned I should call and he got me the interview. The company is called Thrive.
I was offered a tech support position on the spot with a promise of starting pay being $10 an hour with room for growth just as soon as I prove my worth. I'm working to help people with problems they are having with setting up their website. The website set up is done through a pre fabricated site that is kind of like myspace for people trying to sell a product.-VERY BASIC. My favorite part is that I told him I would be leaving to have a baby and he was really nice about it. So that means none of the mess that I had at namifiers! The part that scares me the most is the whole being in Lindon by 8 am thing. I won't have to be there by 8 every day but I am such a BAD MORNING PERSON! I've actually considered seeing if my Mother -in-law who lives right by my new job, would be willing to let me stay at her place for a night every once in a while. I hope this all works out!
In other good news, Ryan and I are going to the BYU vs. UT baseball game in SLC tonight with my sisters and their husbands. I can't wait- GO COUGARS!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Just so everyone knows

Apparently people don't like it when I mention doctors appointments without telling about them ;-)...
At both appts my doctor just happened to be at the hospital delivering a baby and therefore I had to sit waiting forever, but in 6 months someone will have to wait for me so oh well. We heard the little one's heart beat, which was super fast both times. (I guess it doesn't take much to circulate your blood when your only a few inches long.) This time there would be little breaks in the heart beat whenever it kicked. Good thing I can't feel that yet! I think I've lost 2 pounds since the last appt because I still fight with the idea of food. He prescribed me some nausea pill that will help me sleep as a side effect (sounds like a great side effect for me because I can never sleep especially if Ryan is asleep and breathing loud!) Looks like everything is progressing normally and I get to schedule my ultrasound for 5 weeks from now. YAY!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Our latest

You all know that nothing makes Ryan and I happier than a good buy, so based on out latest we should be pretty much ecstatic! Someone in our complex is moving and decided to sell their computer armoire for $10. I couldn't pass it up because it is beautiful and it will make it possible for us to keep the computer in our room without always having out bedroom look like a computer room. Now I can sell our huge desk and make room for the baby! Yay baby.

This is the inside.

This is what it will look like when it's not in use.

I've got another baby check up tomorrow. I've got an interview fr a home agent job tomorrow. My shoulder is still killing me so I'm going to see if BYU has any physical therapy services. I'm probably going to try to get some unemployment money out of Namifiers and I think my case is pretty strong so we'll see. My mother and I are addicted to Ross- we can't pass one withour stopping in. My family is planning an intervention:-) We found some amazing prices on some maternity clothes yesterday that were so cute. I was in desperate need of more pants and I got some! New clothes are what makes pregnancy worth it. I got Clay's new CD for Mother's day hahaha:-)
I kind of forgot Ryan took picture of the belly about a week ago. I'm a bit bigger now but I am growing surprisingly slow even though I feel huge cause my clothes don't fit!(this one makes me look all misshapen, I must be standing weird)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jobs and vacations from them

Well where to start?
I recently left the MTC for a job that would be full time. After a short while I informed my boss that I was going to have a baby and he was less then happy about it. He ended up making me do work that was repetitive and menial (not to mention he had terrible skills as a manager.) Despite all this misfortune I didn't want to be jobless so I decided to stick it out at least until I found a replacement (which becomes more difficult the more pregnant I look.) Then I started to notice my shoulder hurting while I was at work. The pain became increasingly worse until I began to realize that my TOS had decided to come back. (TOS is a shoulder problem that is very painful that I have dealt with off and on since I was in high school) SO I decided my shoulder is worth more to me than my $9 and I put in two weeks. None the less my boss is a jerk and told me that I screwed him over by not telling him sooner that I was pregnant and by not telling him I was physically incapable of doing my job (as if I somehow knew that my TOS would be aggravated by me doing a job I wasn't hired to do!) Needless to say after our chat today we decided I will never be making an appearance there again- YAY! The bad news is that I am starting off this summer a lot like the last one. I am so afraid that I will not be able to find a job to replace this one for the exact same reasons I couldn't find a job last time... no one will hire anyone who isn't in it for the long run. I really would like to be making some sort of money and I hate job hunting because Ryan gets really frustrated with me when it comes to job hunting.
If anyone has a suggestion for a job, I'm listening!

On a happier note, Ryan and I went to Vegas last weekend for his cousin's wedding. It was a great break from life. I kind of wish I could just spend my whole summer on a vacation like that, but then vacations cost money and prevent you from making money so I guess that's not practical:-) Speaking of spending money, that is all I did the whole weekend. Hopefully my spending money and now not making any is not going to be a problem!
While we were there Theresa stopped by to say hi which was so fun!

I just love her:-)