Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jobs and vacations from them

Well where to start?
I recently left the MTC for a job that would be full time. After a short while I informed my boss that I was going to have a baby and he was less then happy about it. He ended up making me do work that was repetitive and menial (not to mention he had terrible skills as a manager.) Despite all this misfortune I didn't want to be jobless so I decided to stick it out at least until I found a replacement (which becomes more difficult the more pregnant I look.) Then I started to notice my shoulder hurting while I was at work. The pain became increasingly worse until I began to realize that my TOS had decided to come back. (TOS is a shoulder problem that is very painful that I have dealt with off and on since I was in high school) SO I decided my shoulder is worth more to me than my $9 and I put in two weeks. None the less my boss is a jerk and told me that I screwed him over by not telling him sooner that I was pregnant and by not telling him I was physically incapable of doing my job (as if I somehow knew that my TOS would be aggravated by me doing a job I wasn't hired to do!) Needless to say after our chat today we decided I will never be making an appearance there again- YAY! The bad news is that I am starting off this summer a lot like the last one. I am so afraid that I will not be able to find a job to replace this one for the exact same reasons I couldn't find a job last time... no one will hire anyone who isn't in it for the long run. I really would like to be making some sort of money and I hate job hunting because Ryan gets really frustrated with me when it comes to job hunting.
If anyone has a suggestion for a job, I'm listening!

On a happier note, Ryan and I went to Vegas last weekend for his cousin's wedding. It was a great break from life. I kind of wish I could just spend my whole summer on a vacation like that, but then vacations cost money and prevent you from making money so I guess that's not practical:-) Speaking of spending money, that is all I did the whole weekend. Hopefully my spending money and now not making any is not going to be a problem!
While we were there Theresa stopped by to say hi which was so fun!

I just love her:-)

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The Hightower's said...

Hey! I already heard most of this story...but I didn't know you decided to quit? That is sooo incredibly frustrating to have a boss like that! I'm sorry that you're in this situation! I hope you can find a job with a great boss that will hire you even if you aren't going to be there long!?!? Well...good luck! Will I see you guys on Sunday?