Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh Kaylee... You can't help but love your kids.

I'm kind of out of control with blogging these days. I love having the time to do things like this that I enjoy! (I really want to use one of those blog printing services that Ryan's cousin used and have all of this in print)

As I mentioned in the last blog, Kaylee grabs her feet regularly now:-) It's cute. I still haven't captured the thumb sucking but she does that all the time too. I'll get a picture of it soon.
Today I set her on her back just like the picture above and when I came back to look at her she was on her stomach. So somehow she rolled from her back to stomach. Too bad I missed it. Now she has gone both ways once but I can't get her to do either again.

This movie is just hilarious! It all started when Shauna was making fun of this guy from a TV show and Kaylee thought it was funny so I made fun of him too and we got it on camera:-)

Kaylee is very talkative but her voice is very throaty these days. The only way to describe it is if you hear it...

Shauna says she is my daughter because she just likes to hear herself...I'd say that's mean but it does fit my personality

For those of you who don't have the pleasure of watching our little munchkin grow, this may help give a little perspective on how much she has really changed...

Notice the feet dangling off the edge? :-)

As a side note, I have decided that since one of the very first dates Ryan and I ever went on was to the Manti temple pageant, that we should go to Manti for our anniversary and then we can do a live session there. I found a bed and breakfast that is just south of Manti and I am super excited to stay there because I've always wanted to stay at a bed and breakfast and at this one every room has a balcony to the outside looking out over what seems to be a very beautiful area. We just need to make a reservation. The best part is that the rooms I'm looking at are only $59 a night.

We have all of Chelsie's Sugar and Bruno line programmed into our own shopping cart. Programming your own shopping cart is actually quite difficult and Ryan and I have put A LOT of hours into this so hopefully we sell something from it but if we don't at least it didn't cost anything but time. All we have left to do is put a link to it on her site, finish setting up the shipping charges, and customize the look of it. Sugar and Bruno is ridiculously expensive so we actually won't be making much money off of the sales. If you want to look at the store you can click here but it's not all that exciting to look at if you don't understand how much effort was put into it.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I love this kid :-)
Kaylee is 4 months old and I haven't taken her in for an appointment yet. We switched insurance and I found out I could go to the same pediatrician my sisters do. The only problem is that he's very booked. I'm on a cancellation list for now. I'm not worried because she meets all her milestones and is healthy. She has only rolled over once though.
As of about yesterday, Kaylee became a thumb sucker and I don't know when it started but she plays with her feet all the time now.
Kaylee slept from 9 pm to almost 5 am last night. This is the second time she has slept almost 8 hours. I actually don't like it though because I wake up very full of milk and I either have to pump in the middle of the night or just deal with the discomfort. Pumping is bad because my body will keep producing milk at night if it thinks she is eating it but I can't sleep if I'm uncomfortable.

I'm working off the baby weight slowly... too slowly for my liking. I've lost almost 7 lbs with 3 to go till my pre pregnancy weight and about 13 till I will be at my ideal weight. Shauna and I have decided to start getting more serious about completely cutting out junk!

Monday, February 23, 2009


I am writing strictly for the sake of randomly rambling and I will totally understand if you read none of this...

So what's new? Kaylee is a little chunker! All the sudden she is just THICK :-) She has reached an age where she understands that she can cry to get picked up and it's really irritating.

Living with Shauna has been really quite nice. We usually have dinner made every night by the time the boys get home. It's fun to be a house wife when you have someone to do it with :-) We are probably moving back to our condo after this semester is over. We are really looking forward to being back in our own place with a little more room for all our junk, but we will definitely miss a lot of things about being here. Someone else paying our mortgage, having someone to split all the housework with, having a built in babysitter, having Ryan's work be only 10 minutes away instead of 40, having comcast on demand workouts...

Chelsie's website is consistently getting tons of hits which is good. Obviously that will spike when the show premiers and hopefully we will get enough sales in her store to break even on some of the money we've put into the site.

We really want to pay off my school loans quickly and yet we have a lot of potential vacations coming which cost money not save it... CA to see Chelsie if she stays on for a while. CA for a family reunion this summer. CA for the rose parade possibly, Alabama to see Chason and Brooke's new life if possible. I would also like to do something fun for our anniversary this year. I also want to make a lot of improvements to the condo once we move back in. So what is most important to me... ?

I wonder how many people are on board with my decision to take care of my family and leave education behind for a while and how many people think I should have been more successful at finishing now. I don't know if or when I will finish school and if I do I do not know where I will finish school or what in. It bothers me to not know what my plan is because I am a planner.

I've had a sinus infection forever now and it causes daily headaches. It is totally annoying!

That's all I can think of that's gong on right now but if anyone cares to comment on my random ramblings I will be really surprised :-)

Saturday, February 14, 2009


We found this really awesome way to set up Chelsie's store so you can now buy the winning t-shirt design! We are also going to post 5 other designs for purchase pretty soon!...
Go check out the Chelsie Hightower Dance Store

Thursday, February 12, 2009


As you all know Ryan and I run Chelsie's site We recently held a contest for a shirt design and have now picked a winner. We are trying to get a count to figure out how many shirts to print. If you are interested in purchasing one when we order them please let us know becaue the more shirts we order the lower the price of each shirt.

It's not letting me upload the image of the shirt so jut click here if you want to see it.

The plan is to finish up the redesign of Chelsie's site before Dancing With the Stars starts. (To those of you who haven't heard Chelsie will be on DWTS with Ty Murray premiering March 9th.)
We may expand the tore to include more items deigned by Chelsie. no longer has anything on it becaue I don't work for Thrive anymore. However, we do still own the domain and Ryan wants to create a site for it after he's done with Chelsie's. We may sell diaper bags that we design if we can figure out how.

update on education, I really want to go to that Live Production Intitute in Las Vegas but I was quite disapointed to discover that the tuition is HIGH as in more than 2 times the price of BYU! :-( Maybe I'll win the lottery!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So I recently got tired of doing busy work for and sitting in classes that were kind of worthless. It occurred to me that even though HFL was the fastest track to graduation I kind of hated it. It's really not me! Don't get me wrong I love being a mom but majoring in it has always been an embarrassment to me. So I dropped 2 of my 3 classes last night and all I have left is English. I really debated this for a while but honestly that degree wasn't getting me anywhere. There really isn't a major for me at BYU so for now I'm kind of stuck. I realize that some people will be dissapointed in my not graduating (my husband included) but it just doesn't make sense right now. Ryan and I have disagreed on my need for education since we were dating. I've always hated school and I told him a long time ago that if I got pregnant before I graduated that I would stop and concentrate on my child. I told him that being pregnant or a mom at school would be too much for me. He was really not happy with that idea when we were dating and basically said well I always thought my wife would graduate from college (almost implying that he wouldn't marry me if that was how I felt.) Knowing how he felt I did keep going to school after I got pregnant and after I had Kaylee but realizing how pointless my major is to me was the breaking point. This is not the end for Ryan. He's pretty set in his idea that I need an education in something. In fact he is so set in his thoughts that he is willing to find a job and move to Las Vegas so I can go to a trade school there that teaches audio. I still don't know what tuition cost there but I'm sure it's absurdly high! I really do love audio it was all those music classes I had to take with the audio major that turned me away from it. So that's where I am now. I don't really know where I go from here but sometimes that's how life goes.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Beginings...

Jessica delivered Treavor John Hightower early on Tuesday morning... We are very excited for them and wish them the best is this exciting time!

We all got together on Wednesday night to say goodbye to Chason, Brooke, and Rylie who are headed all the way to Alabama. They will be missed! Best of luck to them in their new adventure also!
We got a cousins picture but Rylie wasn't that into it. I think she was kind of sad to be leaving.

Kaylee makes me smile!

Christmas with her cousin Rylie.

She grabs things well now (and those boots are too cute)

picture to go with the movie

She is 3 months old now!

She really like to watch TV but unfortunately I put her in a swing that makes that less than easy.