Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh Kaylee... You can't help but love your kids.

I'm kind of out of control with blogging these days. I love having the time to do things like this that I enjoy! (I really want to use one of those blog printing services that Ryan's cousin used and have all of this in print)

As I mentioned in the last blog, Kaylee grabs her feet regularly now:-) It's cute. I still haven't captured the thumb sucking but she does that all the time too. I'll get a picture of it soon.
Today I set her on her back just like the picture above and when I came back to look at her she was on her stomach. So somehow she rolled from her back to stomach. Too bad I missed it. Now she has gone both ways once but I can't get her to do either again.

This movie is just hilarious! It all started when Shauna was making fun of this guy from a TV show and Kaylee thought it was funny so I made fun of him too and we got it on camera:-)

Kaylee is very talkative but her voice is very throaty these days. The only way to describe it is if you hear it...

Shauna says she is my daughter because she just likes to hear herself...I'd say that's mean but it does fit my personality

For those of you who don't have the pleasure of watching our little munchkin grow, this may help give a little perspective on how much she has really changed...

Notice the feet dangling off the edge? :-)

As a side note, I have decided that since one of the very first dates Ryan and I ever went on was to the Manti temple pageant, that we should go to Manti for our anniversary and then we can do a live session there. I found a bed and breakfast that is just south of Manti and I am super excited to stay there because I've always wanted to stay at a bed and breakfast and at this one every room has a balcony to the outside looking out over what seems to be a very beautiful area. We just need to make a reservation. The best part is that the rooms I'm looking at are only $59 a night.

We have all of Chelsie's Sugar and Bruno line programmed into our own shopping cart. Programming your own shopping cart is actually quite difficult and Ryan and I have put A LOT of hours into this so hopefully we sell something from it but if we don't at least it didn't cost anything but time. All we have left to do is put a link to it on her site, finish setting up the shipping charges, and customize the look of it. Sugar and Bruno is ridiculously expensive so we actually won't be making much money off of the sales. If you want to look at the store you can click here but it's not all that exciting to look at if you don't understand how much effort was put into it.

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The Skousens said...

Wow, she really has gotten's always fun looking back at the pictures from when they were born and holding up their newborn clothes because you realize how small they were! I love the video of her giggling...too cute!!!