Saturday, January 23, 2010

more changes

I hesitate to write this because I always write things and then change my mind about them later and I think it makes me look like I have no idea what I'm doing... then again I really don't ever know what I'm doing.

So this semester has proved to be rather difficult for Ryan. The idea that less credits makes for a more helpful Stacey has proven to be wrong. I am not very good at wearing many hats. I am good at being mom, or wife, or student, but awful at being all of them. This leaves Ryan with no choice but to try and wear the daddy, bread winner, husband, and student hats.

We've been entertaining the idea of me taking spring and summer off and going back in the fall to finish up my last 9.5 credits. As much as I am dying to be done there are some real pros to the idea.

First and foremost I will be home all the time and have nothing to worry about except mommy and wife duties from the end of April to the end of August. This will hopefully be a big help to Ryan. He will graduate in September just after I go back to my last semester.

Secondly, I will be able to defer having to pay off my student loans until after Ryan has graduated and been able to have some time to figure out this whole money making thing.

Thirdly, I will have insurance until the end of December. One upside to having insurance is the ability to afford giving Kaylee a little brother. If we can time things just right, I could get all the sick months over with during those months I'm off and then have the baby a few weeks after I finish my degree.

Lastly, being in school over the summer can really suck because that is when people always want to do family reunions and fun outdoor holiday celebrations. You cannot miss summer school because they pack so much into it. I don't want to miss all the fun :)

The downside is that I have to delay walking until April 2011 which is almost embarrassing when you consider I graduated from high school in 2005! (technically BYU would still let me walk in August if I wanted but that seems odd to me to walk before being done.)
The other problem is that we really don't know what the future holds once Ryan graduates but me going to school prevents us from moving or finding him a full time job outside the home.
We'll figure it out though... someday :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kaylee likes hockey

I mentioned that we had boxed seats for the Grizzlies game on New Years Eve. (which I have now been spoiled by twice and have officially decided is the only way to successfully mix sports with kids) It was cool, there were couches and stuff in the room and then a door to our own mini stadium area to sit in to watch the game. (Sorry we only have video of it because no matter how many times I tell Ryan that I want pictures he still ALWAYS take 100 million videos and NO pictures) Any way this video made me laugh so I thought I should share it...

BYU Basketball... In Style

So when we bought our couches from IM Home they gave us a rebate for $500 cash back on groceries ($25/month) There were a few hoops to jump through but we decided it was still worth it. Later the company offering the rebates went under so IM Home sent us another rebate worth $600. The 2nd company is now going under. (clearly a bad business model) So Ryan called to inform IM Home that even though it wasn't their fault that the situation was still LAME! It was that rebate that got us into the store and got us to buy. The manager he spoke to did feel bad but really there wasn't much for him to do about it. In an attempt to make us still like them he offered Ryan some basketball tickets.... but not just any old tickets:)
That's right folks, we were on a sectional complete with ottomans in our own little box. It was SO MUCH FUN! ( Just FYI Kaylee has a cougar dress that I was kicking myself for not putting on her!)

They put us up on the big screen with Cosmo and Kaylee was afraid for her life! (as you can see below)

The game was one of those real nail biters where each team would score and be within a point or two of each other the whole time. It made it very exciting and sometimes you couldn't help but FREAK OUT! (note when you are on a platform witha couch that could fall onto a large crowd, don't freak out too much!)

As you can see here we did end up pulling ahead in the very end:)

Thanks IM Home for the comfy red couches and the super fun night!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holiday Season

I have to admit we are super lame and took very few pictures of all the things we've been doing but here is one.

December was fabulous! It felt so good to have both Ryan and I free from school. We spent tons of time with our families and just hanging out.

Brooke, Chason, and Rylie were in town for the holidays and so we were able to spend a lot of time with them. Jordan is home from the mission as you all know and Chelsie was in Utah. It was a house full of late night parties every night.

We spent Christmas eve with the Hightowers and Christmas day at my mom's house.

On New Years Eve we went to a hockey game because Mike (my brother in law) won box seats from the radio.

Now it's back 2 school for us both... Wish us luck!

Oh and I just started P 90 X... skinny jeans here I come! :)