Saturday, January 23, 2010

more changes

I hesitate to write this because I always write things and then change my mind about them later and I think it makes me look like I have no idea what I'm doing... then again I really don't ever know what I'm doing.

So this semester has proved to be rather difficult for Ryan. The idea that less credits makes for a more helpful Stacey has proven to be wrong. I am not very good at wearing many hats. I am good at being mom, or wife, or student, but awful at being all of them. This leaves Ryan with no choice but to try and wear the daddy, bread winner, husband, and student hats.

We've been entertaining the idea of me taking spring and summer off and going back in the fall to finish up my last 9.5 credits. As much as I am dying to be done there are some real pros to the idea.

First and foremost I will be home all the time and have nothing to worry about except mommy and wife duties from the end of April to the end of August. This will hopefully be a big help to Ryan. He will graduate in September just after I go back to my last semester.

Secondly, I will be able to defer having to pay off my student loans until after Ryan has graduated and been able to have some time to figure out this whole money making thing.

Thirdly, I will have insurance until the end of December. One upside to having insurance is the ability to afford giving Kaylee a little brother. If we can time things just right, I could get all the sick months over with during those months I'm off and then have the baby a few weeks after I finish my degree.

Lastly, being in school over the summer can really suck because that is when people always want to do family reunions and fun outdoor holiday celebrations. You cannot miss summer school because they pack so much into it. I don't want to miss all the fun :)

The downside is that I have to delay walking until April 2011 which is almost embarrassing when you consider I graduated from high school in 2005! (technically BYU would still let me walk in August if I wanted but that seems odd to me to walk before being done.)
The other problem is that we really don't know what the future holds once Ryan graduates but me going to school prevents us from moving or finding him a full time job outside the home.
We'll figure it out though... someday :)


Lauren Davison said...

Stacey, guess what!!! This is the crazy cool thing about BYU's student insurance. If you take ANY classes in the Fall (which you will), you can get student pricing on insurance all the way through the following August! And you don't even have to take any classes winter, spring, or summer! :) BooYah. So if you are looking into having another baby, delaying your last couple of credits until Fall Semester is TOTALLY worth it financially. We found out about this a little too late to fully take advantage of it, unfortunately, but it still helped out a lot!

Lauren Davison said...

Oh, p.s. it has to be at least 3 credits in the fall. Just an FYI... :)

The Hightower's said...

You'll figure it out ; ) You always do!

JJ McGee said...

We're right there with ya figuring things out! we'll all survive somehow! Good luck!