Thursday, January 14, 2010

BYU Basketball... In Style

So when we bought our couches from IM Home they gave us a rebate for $500 cash back on groceries ($25/month) There were a few hoops to jump through but we decided it was still worth it. Later the company offering the rebates went under so IM Home sent us another rebate worth $600. The 2nd company is now going under. (clearly a bad business model) So Ryan called to inform IM Home that even though it wasn't their fault that the situation was still LAME! It was that rebate that got us into the store and got us to buy. The manager he spoke to did feel bad but really there wasn't much for him to do about it. In an attempt to make us still like them he offered Ryan some basketball tickets.... but not just any old tickets:)
That's right folks, we were on a sectional complete with ottomans in our own little box. It was SO MUCH FUN! ( Just FYI Kaylee has a cougar dress that I was kicking myself for not putting on her!)

They put us up on the big screen with Cosmo and Kaylee was afraid for her life! (as you can see below)

The game was one of those real nail biters where each team would score and be within a point or two of each other the whole time. It made it very exciting and sometimes you couldn't help but FREAK OUT! (note when you are on a platform witha couch that could fall onto a large crowd, don't freak out too much!)

As you can see here we did end up pulling ahead in the very end:)

Thanks IM Home for the comfy red couches and the super fun night!

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