Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas

Here is our 2011 Christmas Card. Hope you have a very merry Christmas this year!

Monday, December 19, 2011

A little rant...

Ok, so whether or not you choose to vaccinate your kids is irrelevant when it comes to the flu vaccine right? I think everyone knows that getting a flu shot is certainly no guarantee against getting sick. I think it is also pretty common knowledge that sleeping and washing your hands and all that is helpful in preventing and fighting illness right? Amazingly enough the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is angry will Delta Airlines for airing this video...

Apparently this video contains "harmful messages".... MMMMMM kay
Why are they so upset? Because they want you to believe that getting a flu shot is the only solution... In reality it is the only solution that has monetary value for the companies that fund their organization.
This is America where people have a right to freedom of speech and choice right?

To read more about the CBS report on the payouts to AAP by the pharmaceutical companies and the letter the AAP wrote to Delta click here.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Personality types

I don't know about you but I gain so much understanding and appreciation for a person when I know their personality type. I really like Myers Briggs/ Kiersey Temperment (same thing I think) It sounds silly but I'm obsessed with reading about my personality type and Ryan's and other close people and how they relate to each other.
I am a "Guardian Inspector" or an ISTJ
This cracks me up...

The Guardian Inspector’s Learning Style
 Inspectors learn by critical listening to factual details and taking notes.
 Inspectors take a systematic approach to learning.
 Inspectors learn by relating knowledge to job skills and core knowledge.
 Inspectors learn by asking questions until they are sure they understand.
 Inspectors need time to fulfill their commitments to their standard of excellence

This is so TRUE! I always felt guilty that I never ever read any text books despite paying so much for them. There is a reason online courses did not appeal to me AT ALL. I learn from listening and taking notes.

Ryan is an "Idealist Teacher" or ENFJ
Pretty opposite but it works out well.

So do you know your type? Tell me in a comment if you do I love knowing.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm me.

So, here's the thing. My BMI is within the healthy range for my height. I exercise regularly and eat mostly home cooked, reasonably healthy things. I could be healthier and control portions better. I have no control over my sugar intake when it is available so I don't buy sweets as a general rule. I've had 2 kids. I gained 10 pounds with each one and had relatively little success losing any of it. I have completely plateaued. No matter what I've tried, every time I've stepped on the scale post Kevin's birth I see the same number plus or minus 2 pounds. This can be upsetting because I remember the smaller me, I see her in pictures and she still has a lot of clothes in my closet! I still will continue to do things to improve me but I kind of don't care any more. Does it make clothing shopping frustrating? Yeah. But does it really matter? I'm starting to think no. I dunno...

Oh the 50's...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Epic Life :)

Oh man alive, I wasn't planning on blogging this but Ryan thought it was funny and I should... Ryan and I made Muddy Buddies and put them in bags I decorated to share with neighbors.

We attached this silly poem to the back

We thought it would be a good way to see who lives around us... Not so much
Our immediate next door neighbors weren't there but no biggie, we know them well and just left the bag.
The person right above us was in her PJ's I think and embarrassed but still nice. The ones next to her locked their door when we knocked... what? So we left theirs too.
We went downstairs and one unit downstairs fiddled with their door for about 5 minutes before finally saying our door is broke did you need something? So we left them one.
Then the people directly below us had family over and didn't hear our knock but while waiting for them to answer the broken door peoples lock fell right off the door. So we stood there watching that happen when the other door opened and we introduced ourselves to the neighbor who was surprised to see us standing at her door.

So silly :)