Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Epic Life :)

Oh man alive, I wasn't planning on blogging this but Ryan thought it was funny and I should... Ryan and I made Muddy Buddies and put them in bags I decorated to share with neighbors.

We attached this silly poem to the back

We thought it would be a good way to see who lives around us... Not so much
Our immediate next door neighbors weren't there but no biggie, we know them well and just left the bag.
The person right above us was in her PJ's I think and embarrassed but still nice. The ones next to her locked their door when we knocked... what? So we left theirs too.
We went downstairs and one unit downstairs fiddled with their door for about 5 minutes before finally saying our door is broke did you need something? So we left them one.
Then the people directly below us had family over and didn't hear our knock but while waiting for them to answer the broken door peoples lock fell right off the door. So we stood there watching that happen when the other door opened and we introduced ourselves to the neighbor who was surprised to see us standing at her door.

So silly :)

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