Sunday, December 18, 2011

Personality types

I don't know about you but I gain so much understanding and appreciation for a person when I know their personality type. I really like Myers Briggs/ Kiersey Temperment (same thing I think) It sounds silly but I'm obsessed with reading about my personality type and Ryan's and other close people and how they relate to each other.
I am a "Guardian Inspector" or an ISTJ
This cracks me up...

The Guardian Inspector’s Learning Style
 Inspectors learn by critical listening to factual details and taking notes.
 Inspectors take a systematic approach to learning.
 Inspectors learn by relating knowledge to job skills and core knowledge.
 Inspectors learn by asking questions until they are sure they understand.
 Inspectors need time to fulfill their commitments to their standard of excellence

This is so TRUE! I always felt guilty that I never ever read any text books despite paying so much for them. There is a reason online courses did not appeal to me AT ALL. I learn from listening and taking notes.

Ryan is an "Idealist Teacher" or ENFJ
Pretty opposite but it works out well.

So do you know your type? Tell me in a comment if you do I love knowing.

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