Sunday, December 19, 2010


Here is a random sampling of the fun we've had so far this month...

We've seen some snow and Kaylee wanted to help shovel

We also bundled up and waited in a ridiculously long line for...

A live nativity... It was WAY TOO COLD and not really worth the wait but they did a good job with it. Here is the donkey and there was a real camel and other cool things.

Brooke and Rylie came back to UT so Jess, Brooke, and I took our kids to the mall to see Santa. I had to run off to another eye appt for Kevin and Kaylee was past her nap and afraid of Santa so I didn't buy any pictures but it was fun any way.
Kaylee is being a bad influence on Rylie (or Lawlie as she calls her) Rylie doesn't really suck her thumb but it makes for a funny picture.

All three kids walked all through the mall holding hands. It was SO CUTE!

Kaylee thought that the Christmas decorations were a real treasure box! She pulled out each ornament with excitement. She's kind of in love with snow men right now. FYI she was freshly out of the shower so that is why her hair is insane.


Now that Ryan is done with school he has a lot more time to be dad...

Kaylee was nice enough to share her tea with the decorative snowman and her dad. She loves when daddy plays with her.

He's a good daddy!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Congratulations is in order to Ryan...

After 18 long months he has completed everything required in Full Sail's Entertainment Business Masters program and I am so proud of him. We are both ecstatic that all his endless hours of hard work are finished (well in school any way).

As a final project for the program he made this video as his leadership portfolio. It basically sums up his experiences over the last 18 months. It's a full 20 minutes long and he warns that he much prefers to be behind the camera - NOT in front but he's too hard on himself.

UPDATE: He got a 94% in his last class! He would have gotten 100% on this video if he hadn't turned it in a day late.

Now the job hunt begins...