Monday, January 12, 2009

Random Kaylee movies and pictures

We tried to go sledding but Kaylee is too much our daughter and wanted nothing to do with the cold!

She's too young to care but we had fun with her on Kyah's car

She was cooing every time my mom did this until the camera turned on... little stinker!

This one is hard to see but it is my favorite! To those of you who knew me before the age of six, I think you will agree that SHE IS SO MY DAUGHTER!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


It's been a really great month! We're adjusted to living in a new place and Kaylee is starting to respond to more things. I've been enjoying her as much as possible while I'm still with her all day. (I start school on Tuesday.)
For Shauna's birthday I got to go to Tepanyaki for the first time. It was really fun.

On Christmas eve we went to the Hightower house for a fancy dinner and some christmas stories. We stayed the night so that we could talk to Jordan in the morning and open presents.

Chelsie kept telling us that for Christmas we were all getting signed pictures of her. While we were all eating she thought it would be funny to follow through with that promise :-)

What she really gave me was some tour merchandise, some lip gloss, some bedhead... The best part about it was that the sweater she gave me was actually Will's. It was funny... maybe you had to be there but here is the video if you are interested.

For Christmas Spencer got a play gym and Kaylee loves it... She grabbed for the little frog that plays music when shaken. I think it was easiest to keep in her hand

For New Years Eve we played games at Shauna's. Chase's Guitar Hero was the biggest hit. Shauna and I finally caught on to the addiction!
On the second we went to Ryan's aunt and uncle's house and continued the addiction by playing rock band and learning the joys of the mic and the drums!