Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm so bad at taking pitures...

I know everyone has already posted their pictures from their 4th of July and everything but I'm just plain bad at remembering to pull out the camera so I have to rely on others... sorry I realize this makes my blog less than exciting! I just steal picture from others most the time :-)

On the 4th we played tennis with the Hightowers and then headed up to my moms for the rest of the day. We stayed the night because my cousin had a baby shower in Riverton the next day...
My sister Shauna, Me, My sister Melissa, My cousin Lauren...
We were like a group of pastel easter eggs

Life has been crazy here... Ryan is working full time and taking the bus to work a lot (requiring him to get up early to catch it) After work he hurries to Provo to catch his 3 hour long classes. (At least he'll be done with his degree in one month and 2 days...but who's counting) Then by the time he gets home we attempt to do everything else life requires of us such as keeping the fridge full of fruit for me! With me being a preggo emotional mess and him being a sleep deprived over worked human we are quite the pair!

Chelsie is now officially in the top ten dancers on So You Think You Can Dance:-) It is so AMAZING to see her every week! I'll be honest I didn't even know she was SO AWESOME! I know you all think I was totally wrong cause I kept telling everyone they won't et rid of Comfort till she is in the top 10 because they want her on tour but as it turns out I was not totally wrong... the surprise this year is that they are taking 14 dancers on tour. That's how they got around it so I was still right kind of.
This is a drawing a fan of Chelsie's did of her and mark... Pretty phenomenal. I created a facebook group called vote for Chelsie... I love watching the number of people joining just keep rising:-) Her fans on are absolutely in LOVE with her! They have assembled a book for her birthday and plan to give it to her on Monday. They call themselves the CLOVERS (Chelsie Lovers)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Web Site

Well I've gotten a lot more done on my website! There's still nothing in FAQ or about us but this is basically what the site will look like. I'd love any feed back on what you think could look better. If you want to check it out go to