Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello out there...

It's true I have stopped blogging :-/ I'm not really sure anyone is out there still reading it. Most of the people who were the ones reading my blog are all on facebook where I keep everything very up to date with pictures and status'. I'm mostly done with this blog but maybe I'll pop in every now and then and write down a few things for journaling's sake
I am still doing the 365 album and still working towards finishing my certification. I have 1 paying client and two volunteer work clients so I will have all three certification births done soon! Go like my doula facebook page please.( Ryan is still works for Oozle. They are making some changes there but luckily those changes involve keeping him around. Kevin will soon be getting his indestructible $300 glasses! Hopefully his prescription doesn't change often cause those things were expensive! Patching works more effectively now but he still hates it. Kaylee is freaking hilarious. She is such a talker now and notices/ remembers the funniest things. The other night I was at chases and Ryan came over after on the scooter. WHen we went to leave He and I climbed into the car and totally forgot the scooter. He pulled down the street and Kaylee very matter of factly says Dad you forgot your motorcycle. We just got back from the Hightower family Lake Powell trip (pics on facebook) and had a blast! There were a lot of things that I didn't like last year like Kaylee hating the boat so me NEVER getting to do anything so I am so glad this year left such a better taste in my mouth! Looking forward to it again next year :)

Good times!

<3 Stacey