Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kaylee is 3!

We had a fun family princess party at my sisters house for Kaylee on her Birthday. She is really loving her presents and we've been eating lots of leftover cake :) Here's some pictures...

Here is the little invite I made to send to our immediate family members.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So Oozle was doing a booth/ promotional thing at Cornbelly's last night. I thought the place was just a maze but it's a huge place with a TON of activities. I want to take Kaylee back there this weekend. If we go back I'll take some good pics of the cuteness.

We only took one picture and I'll post it once I get from Ryan's phone...

Ryan's boss bought passes to the haunted area for all of us so Ryan and I experienced our first haunted house type thing. I thought we would be scared but I couldn't believe how completely lame it was. It was fun though just to be hanging out and being silly.
The one thing that got us all was this scarecrow on stilts that was huge and hiding well. When he jumped in out path that got us all. Hilarious.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

This and That

So we made an impromptu trip to the park that is right by my moms house today. This is the first time I've taken Kevin since he's been walking... Did I mention he walks. He's been standing forever and he'd even take a step or two for a while now but once he decided he was ready he just skipped straight to running. He loves to walk now!

This is just proof that he is a professional walker now...

He loved the park but he made it stressful for me. He loved climbing on the equipment but had no comprehension of how dangerous some things were. He attempted going down the huge twirly slide with large drop off at the end with out me. He almost crawled off the edge of the bridge thing every time he crossed it. He thought he could climb the big green bars that his sister climbed...

Being a boy...

In other news, Kaylee loves to talk with an accent. LOVES. This video has too much of my voice (sorry) and Kaylee's hair is bed time crazy but you get the point. She's such a little dramatic actress.

And she is a singer too... ish. This video makes her sound like a howling dog but I had to record it because this is not the first time that she felt compelled to sing when Josh Groban came on the radio. Oh and don't worry she feels it necessary to sing in a similar fashion when Hymns are being sung in Sacrament Meeting! (It's sideways because I was still driving and just pointing my phone in her general direction.)

And lastly (for now) I'm giving a sneak peak of a blog to come...

Pretty soon I will have our new place put together and I can post a blog with pictures of more than just the door! We are hoping to move out all the big stuff on Saturday!
Today our next door neighbors had their door open so we said hi. The Stocks (not sure how it's spelled) have 2 little boys that are probably about 3 and 1 like our kids. The dad was wearing a nice big blue Y and they said they are big BYU fans which sounds like a good sign to me!
The playground is right outside our front door pretty much so I may have to lock Kaylee in sometimes... she would totally go without me- miss independent!

Off to get some sleep before tomorrow smacks me upside the head :-/

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kevin (and Ryan's) Birthday Party

Well, Ryan turned the big 3-0 just days before Kevin turned 1! I was trying to combine their party but there was nothing about it that was for Ryan really. He didn't mind too much though. It was nice of our families to come and celebrate with us and I couldn't have done any of it without my big sister Melissa!

To see all the pictures I took click here.

Family Pictures

This year my sister was nice enough to take our family pictures for us. She's not a photographer she just enjoys taking pictures. We got some really cute ones! Since Kevin had surgery right before his birthday I didn't get a chance to take his one year pictures so thankfully she got some cute pictures of Kevin as well!

To view the entire album of my favorites click here.

Hair Cut

I wanted to get Kevin's hair cut before our family pictures so I decided to take him to cookie cutters since they are used to dealing with kids. It was a cute place!
I thought the little truck he was buckled in was adorable! You can see from the blur of his hair cutter that she worked quickly :)

Kaylee was having a great time with a sucker, balloon, and slide to keep her entertained.

He looks like such a big boy now with his new hair cut!