Monday, August 25, 2008

Promotion... and other stuff

I was just made manager over the technical support department at work. As I am sure you can imagine I was quite surprised because, well, look at me (PREGO)...

None the less I was excited about the dollar raise (Even though I still think I'm making less than a lot of the people I will be managing but that's another story)and we were LONG OVERDUE for a manager in our department. I am excited because there are changes that really need to be made and I am ready to make those happen. Hopefully it doesn't add too much stress to my life (after all I did already forget a doctor's appt this morning which I am so mad at myself for.) Also I now get to work the best hours and I get the biggest desk... I secretly love the power too JK!

As a side note my ever busy husband decided to make an official website for Chelsie. If anyone cares to see it, go to


Ryan is officially a college GRADUATE! YAY!!! He got his Bachelors in Spanish.

His graduation took 2 days... On the first day I was the only one there and I sat right behind him. Afterwards we took a bunch of dorky picture of him :-)...

We also took a normal one of us together... I look so chubby:-(
That night Melissa went into labor and early the next morning Damien Bruce Smith was born. (For those of you who don't remember Melissa's first was born on our wedding day... A little bit of irony for everyone) Here he is with Memi...
On Friday we all (only the girls came) got to watch him officially walk (Ryan, not the baby)...
It was weird because people kept stopping Chelsie to get pictures... sometimes I forget she's so well known now!
Afterwards we went out to eat at his favorite Salvadorian restaurant to celebrate.

Friday, August 8, 2008

American Idol

So my friend Heather and I decided it would be fun to audition for AI... It was an experience:-) We were like the last to audition in a group that was ... LARGE as you can see below...We got to the areena around 7 am the day of the audition and waited outside for about an hour and a half . Here we are outside...Once inside they took a bunch of crowd shots and Shots with Ryan and then got us all going on the auditions for producers. They set up 10 booths of producers and everyone auditioned 4 at a time...Since we were basically last to audition we got to watch basically everyone go through the line. Out of that whole arena of people, about 5% of the people passed through the first producers. Many of which only made it through because they were so awful. I saw two guys from vocal point (BYU's national champ a capella group) audition and get cut instantly. It was about then that I began to wonder why I was still in line. After around 11 hours of waiting we finally had our chance on the floor to sing for about 45 seconds. (I sang let's hear it for the boy) Then the judge said thanks for coming, you make this show great job but this is the end of the road for you all. We walked passed her and they cut off the wrist bands we were so proud to be wearing...

(sorry my camera takes very blurry pictures in low lighting...)
It was a fun experience and if I ever did it again I will have to make sure I am not 6 months pregnant! Hungry, tired, pregnant... ick.


Ryan's mom got tickets from her work to the Owls baseball game in Orem. It was fun to be with the family but the game itself was super lame! We got KILLED. We ended up leaving when we were behind by like 12 runs :-) The good news is we all got a bunch of free gum and even got some free dippin dots. I enjoyed a good ol' baseball hot dog (funny I've actually eaten a few hot dogs since I've been pregnant.) Any way here are some pictures of the event...

On the grass watching the game...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Price Is Right!

A few weeks ago I took a vacation to CA with my mom and sister. While we were there were all went to go see a taping of The Price is Right. We didn't really want to sleep for a few hours and then get up and leave so we just didn't sleep at all. We got in line at CBS studios around 1:30 and there was only one guy in line... He was an interesting character to say the least.It was quite difficult for the three pregos to sleep in a beach chair so we were all totally nautious and exhausted by the morning.After waiting in line after line for over 12 hours we eventually got into the show and it was totally different then I had imagined. The crowd is so loud inside that you never actually hear the announcer. The show is not all that enjoyable live actually. Drew is super lame as a host and there were 7 large groups there the day we were there. (A large group is a group that registered to get tickets in a group of 20 or more... large groups always get a person from thier group called down which means that if you were not in a group of 20 or more you were not getting called down that day.) The cool story of the day is that Plinko had been rigged to only land in 10,000 for a commercial but no one realized it till the girl had already won 30,000. They gave her the money and then let her drop all her chips again so they could pretend it never happened. HAHA.

This is us pretending to be happy even though we were SO TIRED!

This is us putting on makeup before the show... good thing cause we were in the second row and therefore on camera A LOT!