Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Price Is Right!

A few weeks ago I took a vacation to CA with my mom and sister. While we were there were all went to go see a taping of The Price is Right. We didn't really want to sleep for a few hours and then get up and leave so we just didn't sleep at all. We got in line at CBS studios around 1:30 and there was only one guy in line... He was an interesting character to say the least.It was quite difficult for the three pregos to sleep in a beach chair so we were all totally nautious and exhausted by the morning.After waiting in line after line for over 12 hours we eventually got into the show and it was totally different then I had imagined. The crowd is so loud inside that you never actually hear the announcer. The show is not all that enjoyable live actually. Drew is super lame as a host and there were 7 large groups there the day we were there. (A large group is a group that registered to get tickets in a group of 20 or more... large groups always get a person from thier group called down which means that if you were not in a group of 20 or more you were not getting called down that day.) The cool story of the day is that Plinko had been rigged to only land in 10,000 for a commercial but no one realized it till the girl had already won 30,000. They gave her the money and then let her drop all her chips again so they could pretend it never happened. HAHA.

This is us pretending to be happy even though we were SO TIRED!

This is us putting on makeup before the show... good thing cause we were in the second row and therefore on camera A LOT!


The Moores said...

What a fun thing to go and do!!

The Hightower's said...

how fun!!! I like your shirts ; )

The Skousens said...

I'm glad that you guys were able to come to was fun spending time with you girls!!! And even though it didn't turn out as we wanted (darn), The Price Is Right was still fun!!!