Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kaylee's Birthday

I took Kaylee to Kiddie Kandids on her Birthday and she did so well!

To see everything from the shoot click here

That night she had a small Tinkerbell party and it was fun to see her actually blow out candles and get excited about all her presents.

her Tinkerbell figurine from Chris and Jess (that is a tink balloon too)

This beauty is the highlight of her life right now. She won't let any other kids touch it and even if it's in the garage, out of nowhere she will start asking for it... She is a geek!

Thank you to all the family who came and brought her presents. She loves her new toys!

Happy Birthday Kaylee!

Hogle Zoo

Kaylee loves animals. My mom and I have wanted to take her to the zoo for a long time but couldn't figure out if we should do it with a new baby or while I was large and waddling. The weather has gone from fall to winter over night here so we knew the nice days were about to disappear. By some miracle my mom got off work 5 hours early on Friday and I was still asleep when she got home! We used the last nice day of the season to go to the zoo as an early Birthday present to Kaylee.

She kept saying "I riding a cat"

She LOVES elephants! (her hair is awesome I know)

She was well behaved and we had a good time. The weather was PERFECT!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tyler Hilton

I've been a big fan of Tyler Hilton for about 5 years now. I love his unique voice and acoustic sound. You may know him from the show One Tree Hill or from the movie Walk the Line

Since facebook advertises the things they think you'd like I saw that he was going to be playing in Provo on the 14th. Since my birthday is on the 16th and Ryan didn't know what to get me I told him I wanted to go see him so we did. I actually took Kevin at 2 weeks old and was totally worried about his ears the whole time. He slept in the moby wrap through the whole thing.

He played at Velour which is really small and intimate. There was less than 100 people there I would say so it didn't matter where you stood or sat because you were super close regardless! AWESOME :)
The first song of the night was my absolute favorite... Just him and a guitar.

After the first song his band came out and the vocals were not as loud as the instruments and the audio was really loud for such a tiny venue :/ The audio technician in me was super annoyed!

After he sang he signed merchandise and took pictures so Ryan made me take a picture with him and he bought me a CD for Tyler to sign to me. I felt like a dork with my kid and didn't want a picture but now I'm glad I have it.

On my actual Birthday I went out to eat with Ryan and my mom at Sweet Tomatoes... Love it. After that we went to Target and my other gift I found for myself was Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. I used it post Kaylee's birth and it kicked my butt. I'm excited to get exercise clearance and get back into that. Oh I also watched a few episodes of Big Bang Theory which was fun :)

I'm 24!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Adventures in breastfeeding!

Saturday I woke up very ill and decided it was mastitis. (Bacterial infection in the milk ducts) When my mom was on an antibiotic while nursing my sister the milk couldn't be fed to her so she had to pump to keep up her supply but dump it all. The idea of doing this made me cry so I tried to fight it off on my own. Fever, chills, and nausea took over my day and I was MISERABLE. I was trying to drink water and get lots of nursing done as well as take extra vitamin C and things... No luck. My body was losing the fight so at about 8 pm I gave up and went to an insta care. While the nurse took my blood pressure I started to pass out and she watched my blood pressure fall. The nurse made me quickly put my head between my legs until I was stable enough to get to a table I could lay on. The doctor agreed it was most likely mastitis and prescribed antibiotics as I figured he would. He never mentioned not nursing so I asked and they said this antibiotic is safe for him. All that suffering was for nothing!

Ryan and I went to fill the prescription but found it odd they gave me 40 pills. The doctor sad 10 days and the bottle said 1 pill twice a day... by my math that's 20 pills. Sunday night rolled around and I was still completely unable to move. My brother who is going to pharmacy school decided to research using this antibiotic for mastitis and said I should be taking 4 (hence the 40 pills) I called the insta care and they confirmed this was a typo. So a couple more Tylenol and a doubling of my antibiotics later I am finally out of bed!

Now onto the probiotics and yogurt to prevent thrush!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Messy Boy!

Infants are messy!
Kevin pooped in the placenta so he was born with a little in his hair and things... then again in the tub, then again in the towel when I got out. He even got some on the blanket. Don't fret, his plumbing works!

When we got home and changed the first poopy diaper he pooped while we were in the middle of changing him.

One day Kevin managed to blow straight out the top of his diaper without filling it first so Ryan and I went to change his clothes and diaper. While attempting this he of course had to pee all over himself for the first time in classic baby boy style. So Ryan picked up wet/poopy/ crying Kevin to try and get him out of his messy clothes and off the wet blanket. While trying to get everything cleaned up he decided to poop again and it shot straight down to the floor (amazingly not on Ryan) ACK... funny now - kind of insane then.

Yesterday I took Kevin back to the midwives to do some routine checks/tests and make sure all seemed well. (I have to say I LOVE that when they pricked his heel and forced him to bleed into a million little circles they had me nurse him so it was much less traumatic for him and me! Midwives really use so much more common sense.) When we tried to weigh him we took the diaper off only to discover it was very full of poop. While trying to fix this problem he decided to poop again... then again and maybe even again. It just wouldn't end. His clothes were covered (and quite possibly stained) and I didn't bring a change of clothes in my hurry to get there. It was ridiculous! Poor little guy went home in a diaper and a blanket that Kaylee insisted on pulling off him while screaming here mommy here mommy over and over until I took it from her.

In other news, the cord has already come off, my milk is completely in (and my left nipple is scabbed to the point of me only being able to pump from it for now... the pain of him eating off it is worse than giving birth.) Even after all the pooping he weighed 7lbs 14oz so pretty much the same size since I fed him right after and he was probably back up to 8lbs. I am also happy to report (stop reading if you will be bothered by TMI) that I don't have hemorrhoids. I'm assuming I have hypnobirthing's non pushing method to thank for this and I think I love hypnobirthing just for this one fact!

And I'll end with a fun picture... Kaylee LOVES her brother. She giggles at everything he does and LOVES to help.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Labor and Delivery

As I mentioned before I decided to go about my labor and delivery in a less traditional way and because of this I have had many people express interest in hearing all about my experience.
I've decided to include every possible detail while it's all so fresh in my mind so I apologize if this gets long or boring...
If all you want to do is look at pictures, click here to see my facebook album.

Around 2 am on September 29th I started feeling some contractions but I figured (as I had when I started labor with Kaylee) that I was just having digestive problems. I mentioned to Ryan that I was having stomach pains and that if they were contractions then we were having an exact repeat of Kaylee's birth (contractions started early in the morning of 37 weeks and 6 days both times) We laughed at how ironic that would be. At 9am when I went to the bathroom I noticed a little pink and for the first time thought this was actual labor.

I decided to start getting myself and Kaylee ready for a potentially long day and started to think about getting the things I needed at the birthing center together.
Ryan came home a little early and we decided to pack everything into the car, go get him a needed haircut, and then head off to our last birthing class.

After class I came home and we put Kaylee to bed. I decided to try and get a little sleep because I hadn't slept well the night before and I knew I wouldn't be getting a lot of sleep soon.
I woke up around 2 am and said Ryan let's start heading to Orem. I was stressed about the 30 minute drive ahead of me and didn't want to underestimate the time. As we were getting out the door the contractions were right on top of each other so we called the midwives to tell them we were on our way. They asked me a few questions and told me that I should wait an hour and see if the contractions were still on top of each other. She said that if they are only bad when I'm moving then I still had a long time. Since we were already in the car we decided to drive to Ryan's mom's place because it's close to the birthing center.

We went in and decided to rest on the couches. I was glad Ryan was able to get some sleep even though I wasn't getting much. Every time I got up to do something my contractions were right on top of each other but as soon as I sat down and relaxed they spaced themselves out so I continued to wait.
At 9 am I started to become a little discouraged. Everyone says the second birth is faster yet here I sat 3 hours after Kaylee's time of birth waiting till I thought the contractions were close enough that the midwives would want me in the center.
Ryan felt we needed to just go and get settled regardless of the fact that the contractions were sporadic when I was resting.
When we left I was moving again so the contractions were on top of each other. On the car ride there I was insanely uncomfortable! We got there and the contractions were so long and on top of each other I couldn't get myself inside. I was a little nauseous and shaky and was actually really far into labor.
I got there around 9:30 and was informed that I was the third laboring mother to arrive. This is significant because they can hold a max of three but had never once filled all three rooms at once. I was in the "just in case" extra room and was the first person to actually use the third tub! The student checked me and said I was at a 6 then the midwife doubled checked and said more like an 8. The student said she was trying to be conservative :) They were impressed I got there on my own but were a little concerned that the baby's head was still posterior. When they checked me they were very considerate of contractions and did leg presses to help me get through them when they were waiting to check me. They didn't do a vaginal exam ever again! (HOORAY!) It was amazing what a difference it makes to have the person attending your labor be familiar with natural birth.
They wanted me to try and do some belly down positions and I was NOT excited about this. They recommended the tub to make helping him turn easier and I thought this sounded good. After a little help from the student I found a belly down position I could actually relax in. After about a half hour I felt the natural reflex of expulsion. While this was the hardest part I was smiling between contractions because I knew he was so close! My foot was asleep so I got myself in a new position and for another 30 minutes I let my body send Kevin down. (Note I did not push) When he was starting to crown the midwives encouraged me to go ahead and actually bear down. With one push they declared head/hand and with a second push they said baby and placed him on my chest at 11:20! The sense of accomplishment that washed over me was pretty phenomenal.

I knew there were benefits to water birth but I was pretty weirded out by the water getting gross. Since I got in the tub for the turning of Kevin I was NOT going to get out in active labor. The placenta took it's sweet time so I sat there just admiring my baby boy while Ryan and I enjoyed bonding with him. With an amazing amount of love/bonding hormones rushing through my body I was able to get past the fact that the water I was in was gross.
Once the placenta was out they waited for the cord to stop pulsing and then Ryan actually cut the cord. I didn't think he would because that's not his kind of thing.

I later asked if he did turn and they said he not only turned but he took the long way around. Because he decided to come out with a hand up, I had a small tear that they were able to fix with just a few stitches. They were apologetic that this part wasn't fun and I assured them this was 100 X's better than the on call doctor who assumed I had an epidural and just started stitching me without numbing! RAGE!

My mom and sister brought Kaylee to come see us. My sister and I discussed that she did the same thing with her son. She kept waiting for the close contractions while resting like the hospital said and they never came. She was at an 8 as well and had her son 15 minutes after getting to the hospital. I guess we are just blessed to have bodies that progress in a way that is a bit more bearable.

They offered us a menu of all the food they had to offer and Ryan and I had a little food to eat.

I came out of it with my up do in tact just like with Kaylee.

In the 4 hours postpartum I showered, got dressed, dressed Kevin, packed up, and left. (Well Ryan did a lot of that.)

For those of you wondering about how Hypnobirthing treated me, I would be lying if I said I was the model student. I had every intention of using all the different hypnosis methods and scripts and music... The problem is I kept waiting till I got settled into the birthing center and then by the time I got there I was already so far along. If I did it again I would settle in sooner and then really get my head in the right place.

Still I DEFINITELY used the breathing for surges and I really did try to use the visualization and I think it was pretty helpful in helping my body progress.
I am glad I ended up actually taking the class because I learned about what to do once my body started pushing him out. I used that and would have had no idea if it weren't for the class. I also think the class helped me understand the scientific reasons WHY. I am the kind of person who is mentally convinced when someone can tell me WHY so this really mentally prepared me to know that my body CAN DO IT.
The classes also helped Ryan know how to help me and helped him know what it is I was doing and how he could support me. I don't think I could have done this without a natural birthing method in place.

For us this experience was amazing because it was everything we knew we wanted. Everything that we HATED about the hospital is what we loved about the midwives and the center. We walked away from it so HAPPY. I knew I had no choice... I've talked and talked about how important natural birth is and I've researched it and I have very strong convictions about it. I took the classes and did a lot of work to mentally prepare myself for the occasion. Natural birth is a lot mental. Still I had my moments during labor where in my mind I said WHAT WAS I THINKING? I really relied on my dedication to providing this drug free experience for me and my baby to get me through. The human body is amazing if you let it be!

I feel great. People can't believe I delivered a baby 2 days ago. It is weird because you don't want to demand everyone at home be your servant but there is no hospital staff being paid to fetch you everything. I've struggled to find the balance between asking other people to help and doing things myself.

Kevin is a little dream baby. He is practically perfect and we are so grateful for his safe arrival here!

Kevin Ryan Hightower

In case somehow you hadn't heard...Our baby boy is here! Exactly two weeks early like Kaylee and as calm and wonderful as can be! The first night was an adjustment with Kaylee needing to come in every time he cried and remembering to nurse and burp but last night went much better!
He was born on September 30th, 2010 at 11:20 am. He was 8lbs 1/2oz and 21"

Welcome baby Kevin!

Kaylee absolutely adores him and cries if you take him away from her...

We think he resembles me...

Do you see it?

PS we realized that the name Kevin Ryan mean "gentle little king"... I think it fits him :)