Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Messy Boy!

Infants are messy!
Kevin pooped in the placenta so he was born with a little in his hair and things... then again in the tub, then again in the towel when I got out. He even got some on the blanket. Don't fret, his plumbing works!

When we got home and changed the first poopy diaper he pooped while we were in the middle of changing him.

One day Kevin managed to blow straight out the top of his diaper without filling it first so Ryan and I went to change his clothes and diaper. While attempting this he of course had to pee all over himself for the first time in classic baby boy style. So Ryan picked up wet/poopy/ crying Kevin to try and get him out of his messy clothes and off the wet blanket. While trying to get everything cleaned up he decided to poop again and it shot straight down to the floor (amazingly not on Ryan) ACK... funny now - kind of insane then.

Yesterday I took Kevin back to the midwives to do some routine checks/tests and make sure all seemed well. (I have to say I LOVE that when they pricked his heel and forced him to bleed into a million little circles they had me nurse him so it was much less traumatic for him and me! Midwives really use so much more common sense.) When we tried to weigh him we took the diaper off only to discover it was very full of poop. While trying to fix this problem he decided to poop again... then again and maybe even again. It just wouldn't end. His clothes were covered (and quite possibly stained) and I didn't bring a change of clothes in my hurry to get there. It was ridiculous! Poor little guy went home in a diaper and a blanket that Kaylee insisted on pulling off him while screaming here mommy here mommy over and over until I took it from her.

In other news, the cord has already come off, my milk is completely in (and my left nipple is scabbed to the point of me only being able to pump from it for now... the pain of him eating off it is worse than giving birth.) Even after all the pooping he weighed 7lbs 14oz so pretty much the same size since I fed him right after and he was probably back up to 8lbs. I am also happy to report (stop reading if you will be bothered by TMI) that I don't have hemorrhoids. I'm assuming I have hypnobirthing's non pushing method to thank for this and I think I love hypnobirthing just for this one fact!

And I'll end with a fun picture... Kaylee LOVES her brother. She giggles at everything he does and LOVES to help.


The Hightower's said...

YAY!!! I'm so glad that everything went well ; ) He is a little pooping machine haha. Kaylee is adorable with him. Ry and I can't wait to meet him. I didn't get hemorrhoids either yay!!! see you guys soon!

Judy Huntzinger said...

Congratulations to all of you. So glad your experience was a good one. He looks great, you did a wonderful job.

Alyssa said...

That picture is so CUTE! You can see how thrilled she is to have that baby brother here now. I am glad all went well. CONGRATULATIONS!

Liz said...

So I know that non of this was terribly funny while it was happening, but I just have to say that the part about visiting the midwives and all the antics there had me laughing about as hard as I've laughed at any GOOD FUNNY chain email (you know, the ones that you ACTUALLY pass on because they're SO good). Wow. Thanks for the laugh and good luck!