Monday, October 11, 2010


Adventures in breastfeeding!

Saturday I woke up very ill and decided it was mastitis. (Bacterial infection in the milk ducts) When my mom was on an antibiotic while nursing my sister the milk couldn't be fed to her so she had to pump to keep up her supply but dump it all. The idea of doing this made me cry so I tried to fight it off on my own. Fever, chills, and nausea took over my day and I was MISERABLE. I was trying to drink water and get lots of nursing done as well as take extra vitamin C and things... No luck. My body was losing the fight so at about 8 pm I gave up and went to an insta care. While the nurse took my blood pressure I started to pass out and she watched my blood pressure fall. The nurse made me quickly put my head between my legs until I was stable enough to get to a table I could lay on. The doctor agreed it was most likely mastitis and prescribed antibiotics as I figured he would. He never mentioned not nursing so I asked and they said this antibiotic is safe for him. All that suffering was for nothing!

Ryan and I went to fill the prescription but found it odd they gave me 40 pills. The doctor sad 10 days and the bottle said 1 pill twice a day... by my math that's 20 pills. Sunday night rolled around and I was still completely unable to move. My brother who is going to pharmacy school decided to research using this antibiotic for mastitis and said I should be taking 4 (hence the 40 pills) I called the insta care and they confirmed this was a typo. So a couple more Tylenol and a doubling of my antibiotics later I am finally out of bed!

Now onto the probiotics and yogurt to prevent thrush!


The Hightower's said...

What a mess!!! Hope you are feeling better and are successful at preventing thrush!

JJ and Cody said...

Sounds awful! My sis-in-law struggled with that too. Hope everything's going better! Honey flavored Greek Yogurt is the best!!

Alyssa said...

Glad you're feeling better. Mastitis is one of the fastest most brutal illnesses I have experienced yet. I'm so glad there's safe antibiotics these days!