Tuesday, June 24, 2008

CA adventures...

Ryan and I went to CA to watch Chelsie dance with Mark. It was so good to see her and the show was a lot of fun! We almost didn't make it due to some car troubles and we totally had to drive across the mojove desert without AC in triple digit whether but it was worth it. (This is the reason I look a bit like a melted popsicle in the pictures...)
Chelsie with crunkers of the week- Comfort and Chris (The grove is the place to be on Monday nights if you want to meet all the dancers)
Ryan and pregnant Stacey next to tiny Chels. (Stage makeup still in tact)
Ryan's cousin came down to LA after the show to have dinner with us.

The other big news you may not have heard yet is that my predictions about baby were right. We are having a little Princess and I've already got her ballerina bedding:-)

Monday, June 9, 2008


Here it is... I took a belly picture. I dunno, I just don't really like them. At my appt. today I found that I have gained 8 pounds since my last appt. a month ago.(2 pounds a week is pretty good) At my last appt. I had lost weight so this made my doctor happier, I think. I also scheduled my ultrasound today... One week from Friday! WOO HOO!!! You better go guess whether it is a boy or girl on my guessing site (see earlier post) before then.

PS Ryan is very excited about the new iPhone so if anyone wants to get him one they can ;-)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Chelsie's latest

The world now knows that Chelsie made the top 20!

She is in CA right now practicing and taking pictures and all kinds of fun things. Be sure to watch her and vote for her as the weeks go on!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I finally have some time to write

So, what's new?
My new job is much better than the last, although it does make me question mankind's intelligence and does force me to vent to Ryan about the stupid people who call in for Tech Support. They have NO IDEA what they are doing. All in all, I think it'll be a good experience. I like my boss a lot, and the cool thing is they are giving me the tools to make money in the future. (We have to learn how to tar an online business.) I am starting a designer diaper bag store called www.BuyItBaby.com . (It's not much to look at right now so I wouldn't recommend you look at it till I've gotten a little further.) I've actually convinced Ryan to come work there too. He's helping our media guy for the time being but will be a coach when there is not media for him to do. He will still stay at BYU broadcasting part time but is going to focus on Thrive because they will pay more.
My shoulder has still been bothering me off and on these days which is a bad thing when you consider I'm going to be carrying a child in 5 months. I want to get some physical therapy for it but am waiting to hear from a disability lawyer Ryan called. I don't know how much of a case I have so, we'll see.
In case you couldn't tell from my last post, we are supper excited for Chelsie. Going to Ryan's mom's house to watch So You Think You Can Dance is the highlight of my week. To all who read this, I demand you vote for her a lot and get every single person you know to vote for her!!!
3 more weeks till we know the baby's sex and can start buying bedding and things... Very exciting! The Belly is looking more and more like a pregnant woman's and less like a donut eaters. Sorry I'm not good at taking picture cause I never feel cute... someday I will.
Our sunbeams our crazy and cute. We have 7 girls and 1 boy. Luckily they aren't all there at once usually. Today we learned about being thankful for our eyes. :-)