Monday, June 9, 2008


Here it is... I took a belly picture. I dunno, I just don't really like them. At my appt. today I found that I have gained 8 pounds since my last appt. a month ago.(2 pounds a week is pretty good) At my last appt. I had lost weight so this made my doctor happier, I think. I also scheduled my ultrasound today... One week from Friday! WOO HOO!!! You better go guess whether it is a boy or girl on my guessing site (see earlier post) before then.

PS Ryan is very excited about the new iPhone so if anyone wants to get him one they can ;-)


The Hightower's said...

Look at you!! Oh, I'm so excited to have a new little one around...Rylie needs it ; ) haha. You are so cute pregnant! You definitely have the pregnancy "glow" to you. You look great. I love seeing these pictures!! We'll be home on I guess we'll see you all on Sunday.

Nathan & Allison said...

Hey! I saw your new pic on facebook and then saw that y'all had a blog! Look how cute you are! I can't believe that both my V.T. girls (I hear Lauren's pregnant too) are going to be Moms soon! So cute! Oh yeah, and I'm totally going to vote right now on your survey thing- girl!