Thursday, December 18, 2008

8 weeks

Ryan and I went to Kaylee's 8 week check up today. She is getting bigger... 11 lbs 3.5 oz. The doctor thought she looked great!
They had candy canes at the health center so Ryan and I thought we should start early with the sugar addiction...
We are really enjoying watching her smile more and hearing her coos. She is just so much fun!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Web Log = Blog :-)

So Ryan and I are finally all settled into Shauna and Kyle's house here in Taylorsville. Things have been crazy with a baby and moving and the holiday season and Ryan working on a project to project basis. Ironically now that we decided to move north all of the sudden most of Ryan's work has been taking place down in Provo. I keep asking myself if this was a mistake but at least I have been enjoying being closer to my family and working out with Shauna. I think the biggest benefit of moving is going to be how close I will be to my Salt Lake classes in January. I'm going to probably just have Ryan drop me off at the closest trax station and then trax will drop me off right at the BYU SLC campus. This will help us get around the car issue hopefully. (BYU pays for part of the trax pass too which will be nice)
I blogged long ago about the scooter Ryan bought and since then that scooter has broken down, been repaired (very expensively) and broken down again shortly there after. The second time it broke down it got towed and we had to pay to get it out. GROSS. Who knew that thing would rob us of so many funds!
We are just about finished with our holiday shopping and only have some small touches to add to a few presents. As you get older Christmas looses the joy and turns into stress. It's sad really how commercial and materialistic Christmas is. Melissa has designed a very cute Christmas card and baby announcement for me that I intend to print and send out to some family members this week. I'll post them now but if you do get one in the mail you have to promise to be surprised :-)...

Kaylee is totally a daddy's girl! If she cry's I hand her to dad and he calms her. Maybe he is just more patient but she loves sleeping with him! I think I can guess her first word:-) I took a picture with my phone the other night to prove it...
I have another picture that is very similar from her first night away from the hospital... This is not a new thing.

On Saturday night we went to Bailee Russel's Wedding reception and she was beautiful and beaming as a bride should be. I forgot to take a picture but I'm sure she'll have some on facebook for me to steal soon :-)
We also went to the MTC Media Christmas party. There were some new faces but a lot of old ones too. In hindsight I now realize that I had it so good there. I loved that job and the people I worked with! They played a game where they asked questions about employees and were nice enough to include me... "What is Stacey's maiden name" A few people knew from face book but it is sad how a name that is such a part of you for 20 years can suddenly mean nothing to so many people! The other question was "what was Stacey's obsession in high school that she even had a web site for"... Nsync. Rob guessed Justin Timberlake as a joke and didn't realize he was close ;-) We played white elephant which was fun... Jessie got an amazing pair of 7x boxers...
This is the whole fam at the event... Sorry I'm hiding and Kaylee isn't looking but whatevs...

So I guess that's about it for now... I actually had a chance to write more than a few words and that's good :-)

Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Kaylee's Blessing

We blessed Kaylee on the 7th in our Springville ward. We gathered for a family luncheon after wards. Here are some pictures of the event.