Monday, April 13, 2009


Well, tonight is DWTS and Chelsie and Ty are doing the jive... everyone cross your fingers and vote like crazy! If they survive this week Ryan and I are going to probably go back down to CA next weekend to spend more time with Chelsie and my family and his Vegas family. CORRECTION IT IS THE 24TH WE WOULD BE GOING DOWN SO SHE HAS TO SURVIVE 1 MORE WEEK...

In other news... we have a sale going on in chelsie's store. 15% off everything. It ends today but we might extend it another day or maybe even two. The store has a new look so even if you don't care to buy you should go check it out by clicking here. While you are there you should click on the ads on the right hand side because we get a little bit of money for every click.
If you keep checking out the site during the next couple weeks you'll see that we are making quite a few changes that should make the site look and work better.
If you have any thoughts or suggestions we'd love to hear them!

Chelsie is doing so great in LA and we are super proud of her. She is being true to who she is and working her TAIL OFF! Good luck Chels.

Eternal Marriage

I love it when my friends get married in the temple for time and all eternity! Weddings are such a happy time and whenever people get married it reminds me of the day I was married.

When I worked at the MTC there was only one other female who was a technician with me. One semester she and I worked Friday nights together and we had a lot of fun together. Friday nights were pretty slow so we just talked and had a blast together. She's fabulous and I never could figure out why she hadn't been snatched up yet!
My last semester at the MTC we hired a new tech who had all the same shifts as me. I became his trainer by default even though it didn't take him long to be better at our job than me :-)
After I left the MTC he convinced the only female technician to date him because he was smart enough to see how amazing she was!

Needless to say I was super excited when they got engaged! They are great together. (even though it's wierd for me because I wasn't there to see their relationship progress and when I left they hardly even knew each other...)

They are getting married the 24th of April (4 days before our anniversary) and they held a celebration for it last Saturday so Ryan and I went to wish them well.

Here's the happy couple...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Just Kaylee

Once you have a kid your posts revolve around them a lot! I worry about my ramblings being boring but it's not like I force people to read so...

Kaylee is 5 month old and in about the 45th percentile for her size. My average baby:) She is above average for her motor skills though. She NEVER sits still! She is kind of a bully though... She steals Spencer's toys from him all the time! She will come from all the way across the room just to take things from him. She also kicks him.

She pretty much sleeps through the night now. The pediatrician said she was old enough to be sleeping 9 hour now and told me how I should sleep train her. I'm not a good sleep trainer though because I always want to go grab her.

I put a little pony in her hair for the first time the other day... It looked so silly but I loved it :)

When I was in CA my cousin showed me how she made her daughters headbands so I gave it a try and I also started making her bows. I made a purple one but don't have a picture of it. I made the yellow ones to match my nieces Easter dress. I've found it's a hobby I rather enjoy and now I am thinking about trying to sell them on KSL or something.

Kaylee loves food! I have yet to try a food that she doesn't gobble up.
Yesterday when we were all eating I left her to play on the ground and she was being so quiet I thought she was asleep so Kristi went to check on her and said no she's awake and eating pizza! She had found one of my nieces left over pizza and was rather enjoying it. She was quite proud of herself! If I hadn't been freaking out about her eating dairy at 5 month I would have taken a picture because it was FUNNY! Then a second later I handed her to Ryan and she was DETERMINED to eat his dessert. I did get a picture of that though :) I'm NOT worried about her loving her 1st birthday cake.

In the mornings strap on the baby backpack and work out on the elliptical while watching season 3 of One Tree Hill. It' really a silly show if you stop and think about how unrealistic it is so I just try and not think about it! This is what Shauna's backpack looks like and Kaylee loves it. I need one for myself.

This is a video of what happens when you put your finger on her mouth... She already sings on demand!