Monday, April 13, 2009


Well, tonight is DWTS and Chelsie and Ty are doing the jive... everyone cross your fingers and vote like crazy! If they survive this week Ryan and I are going to probably go back down to CA next weekend to spend more time with Chelsie and my family and his Vegas family. CORRECTION IT IS THE 24TH WE WOULD BE GOING DOWN SO SHE HAS TO SURVIVE 1 MORE WEEK...

In other news... we have a sale going on in chelsie's store. 15% off everything. It ends today but we might extend it another day or maybe even two. The store has a new look so even if you don't care to buy you should go check it out by clicking here. While you are there you should click on the ads on the right hand side because we get a little bit of money for every click.
If you keep checking out the site during the next couple weeks you'll see that we are making quite a few changes that should make the site look and work better.
If you have any thoughts or suggestions we'd love to hear them!

Chelsie is doing so great in LA and we are super proud of her. She is being true to who she is and working her TAIL OFF! Good luck Chels.

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Judy Huntzinger said...

Glad you get to go again! We had so much fun, we just loved it. You should contact Tim and Laura they would love to see you.