Monday, May 4, 2009

quick update

I'm very busy and my pictures don't want to work but I thought I would throw out a quick update.

Ryan Shauna and I went to CA last weekend. The show was AMAZING! Chelsie did so well you never would have known she was not feeling good. Poor Kaylee and Spencer got sick and my amazing aunt and cousins took care of our sick babies for us. (Sorry about that guys) We stopped in Vegas and took a picture of G&G with Kay. (for a blog with pictures see Shuana's blog) Right after I came home I packed up for AZ and went to spend the weekend with my bestie Brina. We ate junk food and watched movies basically all weekend. It was awesome. I was going to visit my old ward but I got SUPER SICK on Sunday :(
Next on my agenda is lots of laundry and organizing of all our stuff in moving preparation.

I'm selling two crib bedding sets if anyone is in the market. You can look at them here and here

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The Russell 4 said...

Sorry I missed you while you were in AZ. Also, did I miss a post about you moving?