Friday, May 29, 2009


My baby is 7 months old!
I took Kaylee to the doctors today and she and I have is awesomely fun (SARCASM it is SO painful)
She's thinned out a lot. She's is in the 80th percentile on height and 20th on weight. Not sure how that happened. I guess she's a Hightower.

She loves animal crackers and just about everything else too :)

She scoots around like crazy and if everyone leaves her behind in a room she cries and scoots after them... quite sad. She's been getting up on her knees lately but she hasn't figured out how they are supposed to help her.

We recently took pictures of all 5 of the grandkids together and they looked SO CUTE. We won't have the pictures for a few weeks but here's a sneak peek...

Spencer, Kaylee, and Damien


The Hightower's said...

I can't even stand how cute she is! It blows my mind that she is seven months old!! Where did the time go? I wish we were there to watch her grow...I'm missing out on so much!! Hope all is well ; )

JJ McGee said...

she is so cute!!!