Sunday, May 11, 2008

Our latest

You all know that nothing makes Ryan and I happier than a good buy, so based on out latest we should be pretty much ecstatic! Someone in our complex is moving and decided to sell their computer armoire for $10. I couldn't pass it up because it is beautiful and it will make it possible for us to keep the computer in our room without always having out bedroom look like a computer room. Now I can sell our huge desk and make room for the baby! Yay baby.

This is the inside.

This is what it will look like when it's not in use.

I've got another baby check up tomorrow. I've got an interview fr a home agent job tomorrow. My shoulder is still killing me so I'm going to see if BYU has any physical therapy services. I'm probably going to try to get some unemployment money out of Namifiers and I think my case is pretty strong so we'll see. My mother and I are addicted to Ross- we can't pass one withour stopping in. My family is planning an intervention:-) We found some amazing prices on some maternity clothes yesterday that were so cute. I was in desperate need of more pants and I got some! New clothes are what makes pregnancy worth it. I got Clay's new CD for Mother's day hahaha:-)
I kind of forgot Ryan took picture of the belly about a week ago. I'm a bit bigger now but I am growing surprisingly slow even though I feel huge cause my clothes don't fit!(this one makes me look all misshapen, I must be standing weird)


Lela Wilkins said...

You are so cute.


yeah finally some belly pictures! You look so cute! So I went up to flag this past weekend and I was talking to Sister Russell and we were talking about you and how you never said how your doctors appointment went but I'm glad to see some belly pictures! I am so happy and excited for you! Keep me posted on this!

The Hightower's said...

I love those pictures!!