Monday, May 12, 2008

Just so everyone knows

Apparently people don't like it when I mention doctors appointments without telling about them ;-)...
At both appts my doctor just happened to be at the hospital delivering a baby and therefore I had to sit waiting forever, but in 6 months someone will have to wait for me so oh well. We heard the little one's heart beat, which was super fast both times. (I guess it doesn't take much to circulate your blood when your only a few inches long.) This time there would be little breaks in the heart beat whenever it kicked. Good thing I can't feel that yet! I think I've lost 2 pounds since the last appt because I still fight with the idea of food. He prescribed me some nausea pill that will help me sleep as a side effect (sounds like a great side effect for me because I can never sleep especially if Ryan is asleep and breathing loud!) Looks like everything is progressing normally and I get to schedule my ultrasound for 5 weeks from now. YAY!

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The Hightower's said...

hey! I'm glad things are going so well! It will be so fun when you get to have your ultrasound! It such a neat thing! Keep us updated!!!