Monday, March 29, 2010

food and other stuff

The foods I crave recently are...
-movie theater style popcorn (which can be bought at a target cafe!)
-El Pollo Loco
-Pizza from a mall (you know the thin stuff)
-I always want fettuccine alfredo from Olive Garden but haven't had it once :(
and probably some other stuff too...

Ryan is going to work part time for Riser Media (the company I mentioned previously.) They don't even have a position for him but they are going to figure one out. Hopefully once he graduates they will have room and he will have proved himself worthy of a full time position. It will be nice to have an idea of how much money we can expect to have!

Coming soon when I get the chance to upload and go through my pictures... CA Adventure and Disneyland!

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The Hightower's said...

Isn't it funny what what pregnancy will make you crave? Congrats to Ryan! That is so great! I'm glad you finally KNOW : ) and I can't wait to see pics from Cali!!