Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happiness can be a choice

So things have gone all sorts of stupid in our attempts to find Ryan a job. He basically had one in his hands and then they just changed their mind and went with a guy who wasn't as technically smart as Ryan but had more management experience. The job in Sandy keeps telling him that they love him and want to hire him but the timing isn't right. Not sure they'll ever pull the trigger and a company that can't get their act together doesn't sound like a great one to work for. ABC Family had him come all the way to CA to interview for 3 hours and then dropped off the face of the earth. Won't tell us anything. Obviously we've decided that's a no but seriously why not just tell us!

So I've decided to stop living my life just waiting for the right job to happen. Maybe it's not supposed to. Ryan has owned his own business for a while now and it pays the bills. Through trial and error he is learning how to increase his worth to customers and work more efficiently. So I'm just going to be happy with that.
I'm done living in anticipation of a potential move and I'm just going to start living in the right now and enjoying all the great things I have...
Ryan being self employed means he can work around when I want him to help me with something or watch the kids or something.
We can sleep in some days and he has no commute.
I get to hang out with someone who is over the age of two (my mom) even when Ryan is working a ton.

As part of my effort to just keep living life I wanted some sort of purpose so I decided to train for the Halloween Half Marothon that my sister is running. (If you have any awesome running friendly costume ideas throw them my way.) This is a big deal because I am not a runner. I never have been. I was the kid in PE who dreaded the 2 times a year we ran the mile. I hate the way running makes me taste blood and makes my lungs hurt for a week. Still something about this just seemed right to me and so here I am. I "ran" four miles this morning (depending on what you consider running) and I really am excited to keep pushing myself to get better.
After one outdoor run I realized that I really needed some new things to make this work. I finally got my first nice tennis shoes ever (the ones I was wearing were heavy and old and gave me a blister. Shauna says cotton free socks also help prevent blisters so if anyone knows where to get those cheap let me know.)
I also just ordered this

I hope my phone fits in it.
Also I am borrowing a camelback from my sister because the water situation was a joke today!

Wish me luck! If you are a runner feel free to give me tips or inspiration!

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