Sunday, July 24, 2011

Apartment hunting

For starters this is not an announcement that we are moving... Ryan has some good looking prospects but no official job offers on the table YET.

Still I like to look at what's available in the areas he is interviewing [cough** San Luis Obispo** cough] (something I've been reassured is semi normal.)

I find myself at times overwhelmed by the factors which we will need to take into consideration when deciding where to live...
-proximity to work
-laundry options
-square footage
-how modern it looks inside
-floor plan
-what appliances are included
-utilities included
and more!

So my question is what are your priorities and how have you decided on a place if you've ever had to move to a city you've never been to?

We've pretty much decided that if the time comes we are going to stick with a cheaper 2 br place in a cheaper neighboring city until we've made a nice dent in paying off student loans.
Today I like this one -click to view- but that could change by tomorrow ;)

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