Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Kids

Called me biased but I think my kids are pretty dang cute... hahaha. Ok so in reality in most of these videos they look totally white trash but they still make me laugh!

One of Kaylee's latest hobbies is trying to make Kevin laugh. It's so cute.

She also likes to get him his bottle or pacifier and tell him "I know it's all right sweetie" and things of that nature. She likes to share her food with him and whether or not I approve he LOVES IT!

Kevin is real crawling now and no longer scoots all over on his stomach!
He says mama all the time but I'm not sure he's saying it in reference to me yet.

He is kind of stubborn about sleeping sometimes so he won't go to sleep until he just can't go any longer...

He's hilarious!
I have to admit I was all about sleep training via crying it out the moment Kaylee reached the recommended age. Kevin has been a different story. For one thing I read an article that said us people in the west are the only ones who expect babies to sleep like adults and that their developing brains need to be nourished even at night. While that may be true, I have to admit the real problem is just that he doesn't have his own room to cry in.
He slept in a mini pack n play in our room and sometimes in our bed for most of his life so far and I finally put the pack n play away forever and am making slow progress on getting him to sleep in his crib in Kaylee's room. Last night was one of our best.

This might be sacrilegious to put on the internet but the first time she did this I could barely contain my laughter so I had to record it the next time she did it.

I posted Kaylee singing the ABC's a long time ago. It's still her favorite song and she often sings it and twinkle twinkle one after the other ad nauseam. These days she has added a few other songs to her song list and is always singing. Contrary to what this video shows she can actually carry a tune quite well. She just likes to make up her own melodies to things hence you will only recognize the words this song...


Karen said...

These videos are so darn cute! Love you, G

Jewelyn said...

oh my goodness, kevin is growing so fast! wow. Looooove the prayer video. so cute!

Momma's Hart said...

Very cute!!! Amy wants me to play them over and over. haha.

The Hightower's said...

I miss them. Glad I get to see them in like 10 days : )