Friday, July 8, 2011

Disneyland and California Adventure

We had a little drama with our original Disneyland plans. We were going to buy our tickets from costco and were shocked to find they were gone. Thanks to an over nighted package from one of Ryan's good friends things worked out for the better since it turned out the day we went was a black out day on the costco tickets.

It was a busy day at the park but we planned things well and did a lot of shows since Kaylee isn't a big ride fan anyway. Ryan got to experience a lot of things he never had before since having all those brothers doesn't usually lead to watching parades or Aladin on stage. (I LOVE the Aladin show!)

We waited to see the princesses but Kaylee really wanted to see Cinderella (She's never seen the movie but insists she is her favorite.) So after seeing Tiona, Ariel, and Jasmine we went and watched Story telling with Cinderella

Shortly after that was the "Coronation Ceremony" with Cinderella, Snow White, and Aurora. Somehow of all the kids there Cinderella decided to grab Kaylee by the hand and walk with her. Then she gave her a kiss on the cheek! 2 year olds dream come true.

We went out of our way to make sure we saw Disney Junior live on stage. You have to understand that Disney Junior is Kaylee's life! If it weren't for renting hour long Little Einsteins from the library I probably would not have graduated.


We wanted good seats tot the parade so my mom sat and waited with the kids while Ryan and I went on the new Star Tours (which did still make me sick dang it) The standby time was 2 hours! Our fast passes still took a long time.
Since my mom was alone with 2 kids she had a lot of workers come stop and make friends with Kaylee. (I've decided they are trained to just be helpful like that.) Ryan found a balloon and gave it to Kaylee and the black ink on it got all over her so she looks very white trash in this video.

She was cute waving to every character with excitement.

It was a long day but a really fun one. Ryan was so good with Kaylee as usual. It was a great reminder of how lucky I got with him. Having my mom there was a huge help as well. Thanks to both of you!

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Tami P said...

oh my goodness! Disney land has changed since the last time I went! Kaylee is so adorable! Thanks for sharing your fun day :)