Monday, March 23, 2009

Live and LEARN...

Try to wrap your mind around this one... Ryan has been contemplating possible career options other than the ones he has been pursuing so far. Obviously nothing is set in stone yet but the one that is currently at the top of the list is school teacher. I think he has his eye on high school Spanish or Multi Media. Because of Utah's desperate need for teachers they have developed a program which allows anyone with a bachelors degree to teach while they work on getting a teaching certificate. My first thought on the idea was that he was crazy because high school drama makes him absolutely crazy and being a teacher means grading papers, but I don't doubt he would be good at it.When he takes personality quizes they always tell him he should be a teacher, so far be it for me to disagree. The plus side to him teaching is that even with hoe small a teacher salary is, we would still be making a lot more money then we are now and we would have benefits rather than paying $300 a month like we do now. I also like the idea of him working the same hours as kids are in school and having summers off. We talked about using summers to advance some of our other business adventures that we have discussed but never had the time to persue. The more I think about it the better I feel about it. Ryan even briefly mentioned that teachers in Las Vegas make more than teachers in UT. He and I have always said we would like for our kids to experience school outside of UT just to give them more perspective. So who knows maybe if he persues this path we'll be seeing all our Las Vegas family more often.

Ryan can't decide if he's really been doing what he is supposed to be doing in his life or if he is just being blown in the wind because our life plan changes every five seconds but I think we always put serious thought and prayer into our decisions even if we do find ourselves making them a lot.

In other news, Ryan and I gave talks in sacrement on Sunday and everyone said we did a really good job. I was really scared because believe it or not I haven't been asked to give a talk since I was a youth. I felt good abaout it though. I spoke about using all the resources which are available to us to share the gospel. It was my own spin on the topic "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ..." I based it on a talk given to BYU Hawaii by Elder Ballard. You can read Elder Ballard's talk here

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The Hightower's said...

Wow, that is so great! I think he would make a great teacher! And Vegas? Isn't that where you wanted to go to school at? Maybe that might happen for you? Looks like you guys are making some pretty big decisions! I hope all turns out well for you ; ) We miss you all so much...Its hard being away from all the Hightowers! And I think blogger isn't telling you when I update because my blog is private...I have some private blogs I look at and they are the only ones that don't let me know when last updated? Anyway, I'm so sorry I didn't make that link to Chelsie's site! What a retard I am! Seriously, I will change it when I get the chance! ha. I didn't even think about it. Well, again, I hope all is well and hope you guys are happy and lovin life. Give Kaylee a big hug and kiss from us! Hopefully we'll see you soon!