Thursday, March 12, 2009


We left Saturday night after Melissa's surprise 30th Birthday Party for CA. Kaylee slept the whole way. We got in at 6 am. We slept all day and had dinner with my family (and the missionaries) that night. Kaylee met Grandma and Grandpa Hartley for the first time.

Chelsie and Laurie came by to visit and hang out for a minute. Kaylee was falling asleep while eating and that was silly.

On Monday we picked Laurie up from Chelsie's place and helped move her TV and hang her picture frame. We laughed at the fact that her zipcode is 90210. Her back yard was beautiful... should have taken a picture.
Then we drove to CBS studios and made a quick stop at Ross because my husband didn't think to bring premier worthy clothes.
We parked at the studio got seated in seats with our names on them. We were behind Ty's friends in hats... hard to miss.
I was so worried watching the show because you could just see it in Ty's face... that panicked look of I just forgot everything. I totally know that feeling and it is not fun but he handled everything pretty well.
After the show we sat around and waited for Ty and Chels to talk to all the press people and then met her in her trailer.

From there we went to a little japanese restaurant with chels, ty, jewel, dimitri, his parents, and the producers of so you think you can dance. The food was really good.

The next morning we took off. It was too short a vacation but it was fun any way. On the way home we stopped in Vegas to show Kaylee off to the other grandparents and have a little dinner.

Maybe Chels will stay on for a long time and we will go back ;-) keep voting everyone!

PS chelsie's site got almost 40,000 hits on Monday!


The Hightower's said...

Looks like you had SOOO much fun! I can't wait to go, we bought our tickets yesterday! Looking at all these pictures really got us excited ; ) I'm glad you all had a good time!

The Skousens said...

What a fun trip...not many people get a chance to do all of that!!! It was so fun seeing you guys, we're glad you came!

Judy Huntzinger said...

glad you told us about this fun trip! Looks like Chelsie is doing well.

Alyssa said...

Sounds fun! I am glad you got to go and spend time together. The "Ross" part sounds so familiar:) So glad they're around!!! We all voting for Chelsie and excited for tomorrow night.