Friday, March 13, 2009


I finally decided to get my ring sized since it was small the day I got it and having a baby didn't help the situation. All I asked for for Valentines was for my ring to fit. Ryan took it to the jeweler (all the way in Provo because he bought it there) but never picked it up no matter how much I nagged. I've missed it terribly! I finally explained to him how much I really wanted it and how sad it made me that he hadn't picked it up so he went and got it yesterday! Yay! I love getting it back from the jeweler because it looks as shiny as the day I got it and I keep staring at it like I did the day I got it :-) These are the pictures from when I got it but they don't do that shiny diamond any justice.

I told Jewel that I loved her ring... it was very elegant. I decided to find a picture so you can all love it too :-) I hear this sucker is 4ct

I don't remember the diamond being diagonal like this but I guess it was.

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Norfolk First said...

Stacey, I would like to talk to you. Will you email me your phone number??
Thanks Aunt Judy