Monday, November 28, 2011

Tribute to my Mr. Right

Mushy? Yeah. Deal with it! Honestly I'm not exactly sure how I got so lucky and I mean that.

(Ryan reading with the kids in Kaylee's bed.)
Ryan is such a good dad. Our kids adore him. He's so good at teaching them to reach further and letting them learn. He's way more patient than me at bed time. He's so good at playing with them and making them laugh.

(our impromptu trip to temple square to see the lights)
His parenting skills are not all he has to offer! The man has no problems washing dishes, mopping floors, scrubbing toilets, etc.
Ryan is about as smart as they come. I generally think of myself as an intelligent person but there are very few things I know more about than he does. I'm not alone in noticing this trait in him. Most people who know him quickly learn what a valuable consultant he can be on many subjects. You should see how good he is with numbers. The man gets giddy over theoretical financial ideas. Go ahead ask him for financial advice. He'll love it. He also really keeps up to date with technology... there's so much to keep up on I have no idea how he does it.
Along with his intelligence comes many talents and hobbies. He's an amazing musician. He can learn just about anything you want him to on the guitar in no time. Heck the man can even juggle. Who actually juggles?
He's spiritual and enjoys teaching others the simple truths of the gospel.
He cares about what he looks like and always puts his best foot forward. I could blab on about how attractive he is (and he is, I mean look at that hair!) but it's funny how once you really know someone it's hard to notice their exterior looks without also seeing what you know them to be on the inside. Does that make sense?
Above all Ryan is not afraid of working hard. He earned his masters while raising Kaylee often times alone. He earns enough to keep us going every day inside his corporate job yet never loses site of the dreamer inside of him who always aspires for more.

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