Thursday, November 10, 2011

Protecting Our Children

Remember my post on teaching chastity? Yeah it's scary to think about but at least I'm a girl and I'd like to think that this fact will help me figure out how to teach my daughters. As far as teaching boys goes, I'm clueless. I realize these fears are premature because I've got a good ten years to go before I have to cross that bridge but I still think about it.

My friend Kristin posted an article on facebook yesterday about how pornography effects adolescents. It kind of scared me. Terror aside I still think all you parents out there should read it here. (there are 4 pages of the article so don't stop after page 1) The better we understand the beast the better we can protect against it right? Knowledge is power I think.

A few things that stood out...
The article talks about how the escalating need for intensity leads to real women becoming unexciting. When I worked at FYE we sold Japanese anime that had plot lines more dirty than you could possibly imagine. One of my co workers pointed it out to me and it made me ill. Not coincidentally 36% of young Japanese men have no interest in real women. Society destruction at it's finest.
Also the point was made that unlike other addictions this one is based on a natural impulse. If someone develops bad eating habits as a teenager, do they grow out of it as adults not usually. Same can be said for bad sexual habits.

The thing that makes me sad is that even if I do a fabulous job of teaching my children and they do as I ask both in the house and when they are out on their own. This doesn't change the deterioration that is still happening all around us. It can get discouraging. Maybe we can educate and improve the future!

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