Tuesday, June 29, 2010

things work out

I can't sleep... if I'm going to be awake I should be watching Eclipse! ANY WAY

So once I announced to the world that we were packing up and moving AGAIN, I began to get scared. I know that fear is not always the appropriate motivation to not do something, but I was thinking people probably thought we were lunatics for picking up and leaving without any real plan. Some people's reaction was simply "again?"
Originally we wanted to clean the place up really well and get rid of most of our stuff so we could stage it and take cute pictures once our new camera got here (Ryan recently ordered us a new point and shoot since ours died.)
I decided to just list the place using the pictures of our place that I have posted on my facebook just to see if we could generate any interest. I listed it at a price that I knew was higher than what some of our neighbors were paying and I didn't think anyone would be looking for a place at the end of June.
To my surprise, within 24 hours the ad had 75 views. I had two people e-mail and express interest and one person call me.
When I spoke with the girl who called she wanted to come over with her husband in an hour. I cleaned as fast as I could but it certainly wasn't spotless.
The couple came over again later that night after looking at other places and asking a few more questions they said they'd really like to stay here.
...that was almost too easy!
They have no furniture and are excited that we are willing to leave some of ours. (This is awesome for us because we don't have to move and find somewhere to store our big bulky stuff. and don't worry we are getting a fairly large deposit just in case something happens.) They want to move in ASAP. The benefit of renting it out over selling is that we get to build equity with someone else's money! Also it is nice to know that if things don't go as planned (as far as buying a new place after saving money at my moms) we will still have a backup plan here in Springville.
I'm excited that they are a cute young LDS couple. They've only been married for 7 months.
What she said to me that really put me at ease, is that she felt good about the place just by looking at the pictures and after coming over she still felt really good about it. They thought we seemed nice and they felt the place was within their price range. Sometimes we forget that everything we do is not always about us. While this move will certainly have it's benefits for us, it's good to know that maybe it's the right thing for someone else too.

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Alyssa said...

I REALLY enjoyed your story. Thanks for posting that. It is so wonderful when a little extra dose of perspective comes our way. I am sure it will be nice to be at your mom's when baby #2 comes!