Sunday, June 27, 2010


Ryan and I have been throwing around the idea of moving for a while now. We'd like to sell or rent out our condo and move in with my mom for a while. There are many pros and cons to the idea but after some thought we've decided to make the move during Ryan's one week break from school which begins on July 5th. If we attempt to move while he is in school I think his head would explode, so this is really our only opportunity.

The why...
With Ryan and I both in school and neither of us working full time for almost a year now, we have a pretty small savings account these days.We'd really like to save enough money to be able to afford a down payment on a place with at least one more room since we will have two kids soon. A larger car would be nice too. We'd also like to be closer to Ryan's work. Commuting gets old. We'd like to be closer to family. With Ryan's mom now in Draper and my mom in Riverton they are right by each other. I've driven up to that area for various reasons so many times recently, I practically live there already. As silly as it may seem, construction is another reason to leave. Pretty much all of I-15 between here and the Salt Lake area is just a disaster. Stupid construction stimulus has provided enough funding to keep all of I-15 in shambles. We are always guessing what is going to be the best way to get home because we have been in several situations where the whole freeway is down to one lane and we aren't moving.This will also make it possible for us to stage our house for sale without all of our clutter and toddler messes. We are excited about the prospect of getting Kaylee on a better sleep system. If we aren't in a condo we have a few more options as far as sleep training goes. I'm also happy I will have my mom to keep me company while Ryan finishes school. He's a crazy man and has to do work, school, eat, sleep, repeat sort of thing or else he fails classes and that's no fun!

The bad news...
WE AVE TO PACK AND MOVE... EWWWWWWWWWWW! I hate moving. We will miss this place. It's ours and it's been "home" for most of our marriage. We have friends here and we like our ward. Another sad thing is I will have to commute down to Provo to finish up school. We also don't have any buyers or renters right now. We aren't sure we can get a good price out of this place. I'll have to commute to my midwife appointments in Orem. We'll be invading my mom's home with a newborn (although we won't be the first.) We won't have a reams right behind us with amazing produce prices! (seriously will be missed)

Goodbye Springville. We've really had some good times here!
Hello Riverton. I can't wait to make new friends and have new experiences.

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