Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Belated Fathers Day

I don't consider myself to be very sentimental. I'm not the type to write a blog on father's day that says "my dad was awesome because..."
My sister said someone asked her if we do anything special to remember my dad on Fathers Day and we kind of laughed about it. We might think abut him and he could come up in conversation but it's not our style to make a big production of it.
That being said, I just watched this video and felt inspired to take a short moment to remember my dad.

Here is my dad with baby Chase

I often wish he was here to give his opinion and insights. I wish I could watch him interact with his grandbabies. I wish Ryan could meet him- I really think they would get along well.
I'm grateful to have had him to teach me so much. I'm grateful for the love he gave to us kids and my mom.
I really love my dad and I am so happy I get to see him again someday!

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